“I don’t understand why I’m not resigning,” said a friend of Uvalde police chief Pete Aledondo.

Uvalde Integrated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Aledondo

Uvalde Integrated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Aledondo.CTV news

  • A friend of Uvalde police chief Pete Aledondo said he “did not understand” why he did not resign.

  • Aledondo has been widely criticized for responding to the Robb Elementary School shootings in May.

  • Arredondo’s friend Jesse Rizo said Associated Press There must be a “result”.

A friend of Uvalde Police Chief Pete Aledondo, who has been widely criticized, Rob Elementary School Shooter It left 21 dead.

Jesse Reso, an old friend of Aledondo since he was a student at Uvalde High School, said: Associated Press His feelings towards his friends are complicated after the shoot.

“I care about Pete. I care that he’s mentally okay. I don’t want humans to start losing it,” Reso told The Associated Press. “But I also want to hold people accountable for not doing their job properly.”

“I don’t understand why he doesn’t resign,” AP said, adding about Aledondo.

Arredondo was one of the first co-pilots to kill 19 elementary school students and two teachers on May 24 when a teenage shooter fired in a school classroom.

Aledondo was accused Decided to wait Over an hour for backup instead of confronting a shooter who was eventually killed by a US Border Guard officer. In the preliminary report, 376 law enforcement officers I was in Rob Elementary while the gunmen were in large numbers for over 70 minutes.

Aledondo Leave From school police in June Resigned from city council Shortly thereafter.

Reso told AP that he wanted to see his friend fired from his police position and hoped that other police officers would be held liable for their lack of action.

“It has consequences,” Reso told AP. A few days after the shooting, he said he sent a text message to Aledondo, “Be strong and be patient.”

According to AP, “I’m glad to hear from you,” Aledondo replied. “Thank you. Keep praying for your baby.”

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