“I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Trump, Dr. Oz

Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz took the stage at a rally in support of former President Donald Trump’s campaign.Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

  • Members of Dr. Oz’s advisory board are no longer affiliated with the doctor due to Oz’s politics.

  • Joel Fuhrman, who appeared five times on “The Doctor Oz Show,” says he now has “nothing to do” with Oz.

  • “It’s ethical and rational, and I don’t think it’s a Trump supporter,” Fuhrman said.

Joel Fuhrman, a family physician and celebrity “diet doctor” who served on the medical advisory board of “The Dr. Oz Show,” told Insider that his relationship with former President Donald Trump meant that Mehmet Oz would no longer be available. He said he could not support it.

“Of course, I knew Dr. Oz was a doctor, so I looked up to him for years,” Fuhrman told an insider. I don’t want anything to do with him right now.”

Fuhrman cited the party’s denial of climate change and Trump’s attempt to “hijack” the 2020 election as his primary concerns, saying Trump was “an evil man who has done terrible things for our country.” He added that he considers himself to be a person.

Oz is the Republican candidate from Pennsylvania, seeking a seat in the Senate against Democratic challenger John Fetterman.playing cards approved oz in April.

Furman, who now lives in San Diego, isn’t eligible to vote for Oz in the upcoming election, but he feels strongly about the political stance Oz has adopted since he ran for office.

“I am no longer a supporter of Dr. Oz because my political views are very much against what Trump stands for and what Oz has taken politically,” Furman said. He added that he believes doctors are motivated by ambition and a desire for power, not profit. “So I’m not in touch with him.”

The Oz show medical committee recently faced criticism of dubious science It has been promoted by members of the group, such as covering the nose with petroleum jelly to ward off the virus and drinking tea made with onion juice and lemon to treat flu symptoms.

Furman told the insider that while he didn’t have any specific assignments or meetings during his tenure on the board, he knew Oz from their time together at the University of Pennsylvania, and the former doctor-turned-politician. Fuhrman made about five appearances on the Oz show to promote his “nutritious” diet.

The nutritional diet is primarily plant-based, with proponents intending to consume 1 pound of raw vegetables and 1 pound of cooked food each day, with no animal products, dairy products, oils, added salt, or No snacking. Nutritionist Carolyn Williams reference Furman’s Nutritional Meal Plan is “a fad diet” that takes the concept of nutrient density to the extreme, an extreme that is not known to be really necessary.

Furman himself claimed 2012 Men’s Journal interview He fasted for 46 days, drinking only water, to heal his heel injury.

Fuhrman said he supports his diet and its potential to heal people from all kinds of ailments, but no longer supports Oz. Because we support it.

“In my own opinion, I don’t think people are ethical and rational enough to become Trump supporters,” Fuhrman said.

A representative for Oz did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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