I don’t want to let go of COVID-Zero Corona as the restrictions continue to be lifted


Most of Ontario’s mask obligations were lifted on March 21, except in places such as public transport, retirement homes, and shelters. In his statement announcing the move, Prime Minister Ford described the day as “an important milestone in the fight against COVID” and thanked the Ontario people for their “efforts, sacrifices, and willingness to face the opportunity.”

Indeed, this is a milestone. Many of North America’s most restricted jurisdictions admit that it’s time to break out of the pandemic, and so far those who are dominated by their COVID obsession.

Ontario people can rejoice back to something similar to what it was before the pandemic, but thanks to the COVID-Zero faction, it’s clear that we’re entering a new stage of madness.

Video taken from Queen’s Park This dynamic is very well demonstrated when the members return on March 21st after the mandate is over. The majority of the Ford government people didn’t wear masks, but all the opposition members wore masks, at least when the camera was on, that they didn’t fit the government’s move. I was informed.

Undoubtedly, if the mandate is removed, masks and the like will be mercilessly deployed as battering rams in a cultural war. And it is amplified as yet another way to define one’s political identity.

and Published work Emma Green, an American writer entitled “The Liberals Who Can’t Stop Blocking” in the Atlantic Ocean last May, said that many of the liberal persuasion was that “diligence for COVID overestimates the risk of illness.” Even if it means, it continues to be an expression of political identity. It sets far more stringent limits than permitted by public health guidelines. ā€¯Green also limits the limits for wealthy, liberal-minded women. He recorded cases of embarrassment and even criticism for promoting “white supremacy” by a ferocious COVID obsession by simply insisting on lifting.

Similar behavior is seen in the Canadian COVID-Zero crowd, which is clearly dependent on the platform provided by COVID. Prominent doctors have blamed children and shameful teachers who chose not to mask at school, expressing the feeling that non-masked people do not care about the community and should be treated as such. Niri Kaplan-MarsA family doctor and advocate of COVID-Zero, has moved racism, classism, and disability discrimination to mask mandate without explaining how these labels apply. I blamed the Ford government for that.

They continue to insist on absolute loyalty to science, but as science evolves, they show no interest in having an honest discussion of science.If so, they will have to fight honestly Other experts Despite concerns over the possibility of new variants with vaccines and better tools in recent weeks, Canada claims it is unlikely to experience another significant wave. The news is not as high as the lethality of COVID was first understood and more contextualized through a pandemic, to add to the laundry list why their panic is so cult neurosis rather than careful attention. We continue to establish that we need to be.

As Recent documents The Ontario government has announced that the number of deaths reported as a result of COVID is actually low, dropping from the first 75% of previously reported numbers to less than 60%. In addition, the document states that “the number of cases of Omicron is so high that some people with COVID-19 infection died from causes unrelated to COVID-19 infection.” ..

Omicron waves have proven to be highly contagious, but concerns have been greatly reduced among Canadians as more people know the infected and have had less of a problem. The coffin nails also mean that the Ford government’s move to “learn to live with COVID” is in line with the vast majority of people in Ontario. New Angus Reid Poll 60% conclude that they support the process of lifting restrictions and obligations.

As we continue to enter the post-pandemic stage, the politicization of the pandemic will intensify. That’s because hingeless politicians and public health authorities desperately try to retain the relevance they enjoyed during the pandemic. It may get them some applause within their online echo chamber, but most Canadians are ready to live again, and should be able to do so if they choose to do so. ..

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Shane Mirror


Shane Miller is a political writer based in London, Ontario.