“I eat every meal every day, so it opened his eyes,” said the chairman of the Wisconsin Board of Education, who turned back to canceling the free school lunch. Has nothing to do with. “

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  • Walkisha was the only school district in Wisconsin to opt out of Biden’s free lunch program.

  • This week, board members opt-in, saying they were unaware of hunger in their district.

  • But that was 5-4 votes, and some members likened a free lunch to hide the mandate.

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The Wisconsin school district, Walkisha, voted for President Joe Biden’s opt-out in June. Free school lunch program Under the argument that children and families can be born Be “spoiled” Free meal included. However, almost two months later, and after widespread criticism, the district re-opted into the program and admitted that it did not know how many children would be hungry.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report On Monday, the Walkisha school board canceled the previous decision with a 5-4 vote and chose to return to a pandemic free lunch program that offers free meals to all kindergarten to high school students regardless of income. Did. Director James Sebert asked board members to rethink their decisions, and after reviewing the feedback received by the board, said Joseph Como was unaware of all situations of hunger in the district. I did.

“I am very grateful for your input,” Como said. “I eat every meal every day. I can’t relate to being hungry. I’ve been blessed.”

Another board member, Greg Dietz, added that he first voted to opt out of a free school lunch program because he was completely unaware of how unfed students in the district were. ..

“I actually voted earlier without seeing any impact, and I wasn’t really informed, and I apologize for that,” Dietz said. “The truth is that many of our students are hungry all day in school and we have the ability to do something about it.”

But, as the journal reported, other board members didn’t feel the same. Karin Rajnicek, a member of the school board Made a headline He defended her comment on the board, stating that free school lunches could “spoil” students and families, speaking from her own experience of feeling spoiled by the children’s free meals. He said he was.

And other board members said the change in course to choose school lunch was just a threat.

“For today’s meals and free lunches, the mob has the power to teach us what to do, so it will be forcibly masked and will be forced to do whatever it wants to do at school,” said a board member. Said Anthony Zenobia.

Before reversing the course, Walkisha is the only school district in Wisconsin to opt out of a pandemic free lunch program that will last until the spring of 2022, instead staying in a national school lunch program that requires families to fill out an application. Choose to qualify for free or discounted school meals.

“It’s the students in the lunch line … they’re standing there when they don’t have the money to pay the invoice. It’s the students who have to go back and sit at the table,” Dietz said. “I think we should do everything we can to prevent students in our district from having to experience such a situation.”

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