“I felt something sharp.” A woman takes off her pants to find an unwanted visitor in Florida.

The song “Oh No” was the perfect soundtrack to a recent TikTok video.

Florida lady with handle @uss_andrea After showing her followers general events in her hometown, she became infected with the virus.

In a quick clip, she narrated: “She felt something sharp, so she just took off her pants.”

You see her apparently grabbing a red material with something bulging in it.

“When you hold your hand over a sharp object, you can see what it is,” the woman nervously says.

Then I was scared: “I know what it is. What a hell. What a hell. I know what it is.”

When she goes out of the house and opens her pants, the now free “object” pops out.

“It’s a living lizard,” she calms down.

As for the size of her palm, a little man who resembles a brown Anor with a long, straight tail probably wouldn’t hurt her.

This video recorded about 475,000 likes and 6.5 million views. Many commentators considered reptiles “cute” and were interested in their welfare. Others could find humor in that situation.

“A new horror has been unleashed.”

“Florida wildlife is bold.”

“After reading these comments, I’m really happy to live in California, lol.”

“Above all, I didn’t expect it.”

@uss_andrea I replied to her followers in the post, letting me know that the creature was in her “lizard pants” for about 10 minutes before I realized there was a problem.

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