I have been a chef for many years. Here are my eight tips for making a perfect and juicy burger.


  • As a chef, I’ve provided some tips for making perfectly cooked juicy and flavorful burgers.

  • Look for ground beef with an 80% meat-to-fat ratio for optimal taste and texture.

  • Add salt to the putty just before grilling and be careful of the temperature when cooking.

As a chef, I strongly believe that the best way to feed a crowd is to prepare and prepare all party food. This includes hamburger patties.

When I was working as a line cook a few years ago, I learned the delicate art of using minced meat to make perfect, juicy burgers.

As you prepare Make those burger dreams a realityRemember these eight tips to help you get out of the door and grill.

Melt the meat completely

Whether you order good quality minced meat from a local farmer or stock up at a grocery store during sale The most important thing is to thaw it completely before cooking..

There are three main ways to thaw minced beef. Refrigerator, microwave, or cold water.

We recommend the refrigerator method. This is best if you are planning a day or two in advance. Simply place the frozen meat in a bowl or container and place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and it will be completely thawed the next day.

If you are using a microwave, use the defroster settings to thaw the meat in 3-4 minute increments. Don’t forget to turn it over. Heat in the microwave for 12 minutes or until the meat melts.

For the cold water method, place the sealed meat package in a large bowl and weigh it. Fill the bowl with cold running water and switch it on and off. Fill the bowl with fresh water every 20-30 minutes until the meat is completely tender.

Beware of grinds

If possible, ask the butcher in the grocery store if you want to grind fresh beef chucks on the spot to medium to coarse, about 1/4 inch.

This grinding allows the fat to be properly integrated with the meat. Maintains a plump texture and moistureEven when dripping juice on the hot grill.

You can also ask the butcher if you are proposing other meat combinations or if you can put in flashy scrap at a low cost.

If possible, try grinding the meat at home

Beef passing through a meat grinder

If you want to control the ratio of fat to meat, you can grind your own beef.sy cho / Shutterstock

You can try grinding at home using a stand-alone manual crank meat grinder, or you can use the types of attachments provided by KitchenAid.

Dice the cold meat into 1-inch chunks, freeze in a sheet pan for about 10 minutes, then grind. We encourage you to experiment with the different flavors of the ⅜ inch and ¼ inch grinds.

You can also make minced meat with a food processor. To keep the beef warm, pulse 1 inch thick ham and fat at a time for about 10 seconds until everything looks clean and even, and work in small batches.

Pay attention to your body fat percentage

Delicious beef just tastes good And the best butchers know how to balance tender and supple meat and fat and increase its potential.

If possible, look for a local farm that sells whole cuts or your own frozen minced meat. The most common hamburger cut is a chuck steak with 80% meat and 20% fat.

In a pinch, 85% minced meat is sufficient, but be careful of overcooking and do not make it higher than a medium finish to maintain moisture and flavor.

Remember that the shape of the putty is important

6 raw burgers with a thumb mark in the middle and a spatula next to it

6 raw burgers with a thumb mark in the middle and a spatula next to it

Gently press your thumb to shape the hamburger putty.Debbi Smirnoff / Getty Images

The center of a hamburger over 6 ounces can swell before cooking is complete, but there is a simple fix to prevent the putty from looking like a meatball.

Do not overuse the meat when making patties. This can lead to rich and tough burgers.

Gently roll the hamburger into a flat disc with a thickness of 1 inch. Once those patties are formed, press your thumb in the middle to make dimples so that they can be cooked evenly.

Use salt only just before cooking

Once you have the formed hamburger disc, add salt.

Adding salt to minced meat changes the consistency. For example, breakfast sausages are far from fresh burgers. All thanks to the salt and its ability to change molecules.

Just before placing it on the grill, take the kosher salt in small portions and gently cover the outside of the patty with a thin layer. Add the hamburger to the grill with the salt side down and sprinkle a little on the other side.

This should not make the hamburger taste overly salty, but it does produce the perfect proportion of meat seasoned with each bite.

Cook everything to the right temperature, or just below it

Raw burger on a fiery grill with tongs trying to turn one over

Pay attention to the temperature of your hamburger.Moyo Studio / Getty Images

Keep in mind that large burgers like steaks go up several times after cooking.

Medium rare burgers are cooked at 130 degrees Fahrenheit and have a cool pink centered brown appearance and a beef flavor with plenty of juice.

Medium well burgers are cooked up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and the center is hot pink. However, this can quickly lead to dry tasting, especially if the fat content is low.

Finally, feel free to enjoy the well-made burgers. The juicy of the bunch.. You can also try different types of high quality meat and see for yourself the differences.

No need to add a lot of extra material

Of course, delicious, well-processed meat should be more than enough for a perfect, juicy burger. Additional material Onions, bread crumbs, eggs, etc. are fine with other dishes, but you can make a hamburger flavor like meatloaf.

Store additional flavors such as spicy mayonnaise, crispy lettuce, and sliced ​​tomatoes as an add-on. You can put aged cheddar cheese, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions (personal favorite) on top, or mix chili crunch with aioli and kick a little.

Even if it works, the best burgers are What you are hungry for again..

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