I have been to Disney World for over 30 years. Here are 10 things I always do for free.

Disney World

Skyliner offers stunning views of the property. Associated Press Photo / John Laux

Theme parks and resorts have secret scavenger hunts.

Disney World Rapunzel Bathroom

A chameleon is hidden in the “tangled” area of ​​Magic Kingdom’s Fantasy Land. Tara Thiefy

Many Disney resort hotels have free scavenger hunts that change throughout the year. They often have the theme of holidays and special events.

You can get a clue sheet from an employee or guest service. You can also receive a small prize if you successfully complete the hunt.

If you already have a theme park ticket, there is also a scavenger hunt in the “tangled” bathroom area decorated with Magic Kingdom Fantasy Land.

There are 10 hidden chameleons, Disney Scavenger Hunt Guide To help guests find them all.

There are many spots where you can see the electrical water pageant every night.

Disney World Electric Water Pageant Float

The Electric Water Pageant sails the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake every night. Matt Stroshan / Walt Disney World

Most Disney World Parades take place inside theme parks, Electric water pageant sail Through the waterway Between Magic Kingdom and nearby resort hotels.

During the show, colorful and shimmering sea creatures cruise along the familiar Disney songs and then transform into American flags and stars for the Grand Finale.

If the weather is nice, the pageant runs every night and the best viewing spots are on the coast of the Magic Kingdom Hotel.

Pool parties and outdoor games can be enjoyed at the on-site resort hotel.

Children playing Limbo on the beach at Polynesian Resort Disney World

My kids did Limbo while staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Tara Thiefy

If you are staying in either Disney world Children’s activities are also available at the on-site hotel with children.

You can get a recreation calendar from the front desk to see the resort’s schedule, but you can usually find activities such as hula hoop contests, Disney trivia, and dance parties.

The employees in charge of the activity are friendly and attractive, and always think about the creative things that children can do.

Some resorts show movies under the stars at night.

Movie screen on the beach at Polynesian Resort Disney World

The resort has an inflatable screen that shows the movie under the stars. Tara Thiefy

If you’re ready to relax for the day, but your bed isn’t ready, you’ll see part of Disney Resort on your screen for free. Movie under the starry sky..

Movies range from Disney classics to new releases, and around Halloween and Christmas, the right themes may be set.

Some resorts use the poolside or beachfront area to show the movie, while others use the garden or forest area.

Schedules vary from resort to resort, so check the front desk to see which movies are showing when.

Hidden Mickey Hunt can add a friendly competitive element to your vacation.

Hidden Mickey made of Epcot shrubs that live with the local greenhouse

Fortunately, some of the hidden Mickeys are easier to find than others. Tara Thiefy

Theme parks, resort hotels, golf courses, Water park..

Some are large and easy to find, while others are cleverly disguised and are completely overlooked by most visitors.

If you really want to be serious about your search, you can Bring a guidebook It points you in the right direction.

Take a bird’s-eye view of Disney World on the Skyliner.

Two gondola from Disney skyline flying past Epcot ball

As the Skyliner passes through Epcot, you’ll have a spectacular view of the World Showcase. David Roke / Walt Disney World

NS Disney skyliner The latest way to get around Walt Disney World.

The gondola system includes Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, Pop Century Resort, and Riviera Resort. Epcot And Hollywood Studios.

The Skyliner can be used purely for transportation purposes, but you can also take a leisurely ride to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the property.

Disney Springs hosts free outdoor concerts.

Artificial river in Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida

There are spots around Disney Springs where you can enjoy live local music. Tara Thiefy

Disney Springs is an accommodation complex of dining, shopping and entertainment that you can freely visit and roam.

There are also various spots where you can watch live musicals most days of the week.

From local and local bands Waterside stage For Irish dance and music Raglan road, Disney Springs is always something happening.

You can check in animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Animals grazing behind Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

From the nature trails, you can see many of the “residents” of Animal Kingdom Lodge. Tara Thiefy

Guests staying in the Savannah View Room Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge You can sit on the balcony and watch the animals roam the grounds, but you don’t have to stay at the resort to see additional guests.

Jumbo House and Kidani Village have a variety of indoor and outdoor animal observation spots. You can also get a wildlife reference guide from the front desk to find and identify different species.

You can go back in time along the Board Walk at the turn of the Disney century.

Disney promenade resort promenade sign

The boardwalk area includes dining, shopping and games. Tara Thiefy

Disney boardwalk A return to the early 1900s beachfront promenade at East Coast destinations such as Connie Island and Atlantic City.

With Epcot Hollywood studio, BoardWalk offers a quarter mile of dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Visit at night when the entire area is immersed in the golden glow of the lights, especially for a nostalgic atmosphere.

Disney animators offer free art lessons so you can take your masterpiece home.

Two Disney guests drawing characters during the animation experience

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the help of Disney animators. Matt Stroshan / Walt Disney World

If your artistic talent has never progressed beyond stick figures, free drawing lessons from skilled Disney animators may take you to the next level.

The experience is “free” only if you already have an Animal Kingdom ticket, but you don’t have to pay an additional 25 minutes. Animation experience It is held many times a day.

You can also take the picture home as a souvenir.

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