I have been working on a cruise ship for many years. Here are seven things passengers should stop wasting money on.


Erica joins a cruise ship

I have been on a cruise ship for 6 years. Erica DePascale for Insiders

  • I’ve been working on ships for years, so I’ve put together a list of things passengers should stop buying.

  • Sometimes it makes more sense to choose a drink package rather than buying a separate cocktail.

  • Physical education classes and nail services are often expensive and not what you expect.

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It’s easy to lose track of the amount of money you’re spending while cruising between shopping malls, specialty eateries, and endless alcoholic beverages.

NS Those who worked for 6 years on major cruise lines, I rounded up the list of 7 things Tourists should stop wasting money..

Physical education lessons are often shorter and easier than many would expect

Many guests try to fight the pounds that some cruisers normally earn by signing up for a boot camp at 7am.

However, these classes are usually easy as all guests have different fitness levels. Looking for burns, You may be disappointed.

Also, they can be very expensive and are usually shorter than the gym classes you are accustomed to.

Purchasing individual drinks can eventually cost more

Woman sitting on the balcony of a cruise ship with a tropical drink

It may be worth choosing a drink package. Oleksandr Lysenko / Shuttershock

Alcohol consumption depends on the wildness of the cruise, but buying one drink at a time can quickly increase.

I don’t think guests often drink, so in the end Buy 6 mojitos $ 17 each at a nightclub.

Drink packaging is the way to go and it’s worth it if you drink more than 3 drinks a day.

Most onboard nail salons are quite limited

Save money and disappointment yourself, Achieve your nails Before the cruise.

Many people are accustomed to nail salons that offer a wide range of services, but most onboard options don’t have all the bells and whistles you might be looking for.

Moreover, the price is always very high.

Booking an unaffiliated tour is dangerous

Fun ship crew

It is safer to book an excursion through a cruise. Erica DePascale for Insiders

You’ll want to book an exhilarating excursion for half the price of a ship, Beware of unaffiliated tours..

Cruises wait for late tours booked by boat, but not outside excursions.

In addition, affiliated tours are run by verified operators. You don’t know what kind of safety and security you will get if you book alone, so spend your money wisely.

Art auctions are usually not worth your time and money

As soon as you board the boat, you’ll be flooded with tickets for art exhibitions and raffles, and you’ll be invited to a three-hour auction. There is a possibility of going out with something you don’t need in the first place.

Unless you are Seriously about artFor 3 hours of precious vacation, it’s not worth drinking a glass of champagne for free.

Port souvenirs are expensive

Gift shop, restaurant, harbor market full of tourists

Port gift shops are often expensive. Guadalupe Polito / Shutter Shock

Everyone wants to hide their Jamaican flag swimwear at the gift shop right next to the boat, but tourists often enjoy the convenience of not having to leave the gate, so souvenirs at the harbor. Is expensive.

However, shops on board usually have mega-sale during the cruise, and at the end there is a big discount, so you can refrain from buying souvenirs until then.

You should plan what to pack instead of paying for the laundry

Most major cruise lines do not have self-service laundry facilities available to guests. Therefore, if you usually want to clean your clothes, you will need to send them with your state room clerk. However, this option is expensive and can take several days.

Most guests 1 week cruise, It really doesn’t make sense to pay for this service.

People usually dress enough for a cruise, keeping in mind that it changes multiple times a day depending on the activity or event.

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