“I haven’t had a child for 41 years and have done that immature behavior so far.”

Students enrolling in St. Lawrence Catholic School on the first day of school after a summer vacation in northern Miami on August 18, 2021 will wear a mask.

Students enrolling in St. Lawrence Catholic School on the first day of school after a summer vacation in northern Miami on August 18, 2021 will wear a mask. Chandan Kanna via Getty Images / AFP

  • The insider talked to a Florida math teacher about teaching in Broward County at the COVID-19 hotspot.

  • A week before school began, three elementary school educators died of COVID-19 complications.

  • Teachers are currently engaged in a political battle over Maskman Date and isolated students.

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Jim Guard loves to teach-he has been teaching math in Florida for 40 years. But he’s tired of seeing students and teachers die.

Three Broward County educators died of COVID-19 a week before the school reopened, according to local union officials. All three were unvaccinated.

This was not the first time Guard had experienced the sudden death of a colleague.

He previously taught at Stoneman Douglas High School for over 10 years. In 2018, he stood 50 yards away from the shootings that killed 17 students and educators. He said he lost four students and three friends that day.

“I love my job,” Guard told the insider. “I enjoy every second and always have it. Of course, my biggest concern is health and safety. That’s the ultimate benefit. I just want to end this.”

This is Guard’s first year education at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, a city 37 miles north of Miami.The class started backup on August 18th as the county recorded some Best new COVID-19 infection Nationwide. He said seven of his students are currently in quarantine.

According to Broward County Public School COVID-19 Dashboard, Since the school began, 357 students and employees have tested positive.

According to Gard, seven isolated students tried to join the class remotely, but the technology was continuously malfunctioning. So he drove to the regulatory agency the next day, hoping for clearer guidance.

In addition to high infection rates and logistical turmoil, Broward County has been in political tug of war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis has banned mask obligations in public schools throughout the state.

Despite the governor’s order, the school board resolved to carry out a mask mandate at the county’s public schools.Florida Education Richard Corcoran He then threatened to withhold board salaries if parents were not allowed to opt out of delegation to their children.

“We should rule for the people, not for the party,” Gard said.

“That’s really disappointing,” he added. “I haven’t had a child do that immature behavior for 41 years.”

Judges ruled on Friday that an executive order banning mask obligations was a transgression and that Florida school districts could require students and staff to wear masks. AP report.

Guard said Monarch High students had never complained about the mission and added that no parents had protested school rules at the open house on Tuesday. He said the mask has become a fashion accessory and is happy to have children with him.

“If I have to wear a mask for another two weeks or five years, I’ll do it,” Guard said. “Whatever keeps my family safe, whatever keeps my school safe.”

Jim Guard and his daughter, also a teacher

Jim Guard and his daughter, who are also teachers in Lee County, Florida. Jim guard

For the guard, the school overlaps with the family. His son is a sophomore at Monarch High School and his daughter is a teacher in Lee County on the other side of the state.

“She has had some heart surgery, so she’s really in danger,” Guard said, referring to his daughter. “I’m really nervous about her.”

Children’s Hospital Association Reported pediatric COVID-19 cases and increased hospitalization Whole country. As of August 19, nearly 10% of Florida positive cases were children under the age of 14.

California, Washington, Oregon, Connecticut, Illinois, and New York City have recently passed a vaccination requirement that requires public school employees to receive COVID-19 shots.Browward Teachers Union President Annafusco Told NPR Earlier this month she was torn by a mandatory vaccine.

“I don’t think we should be in a position to mandate it for now, especially I, the union president of the 18,000 negotiating unit members,” Fusco said. “But is there a mask obligation? You haven’t injected anything into your body. It’s just a cover.”

Vaccinated Guard said there was no problem with the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine mandate.

“Vaccines are a really simple solution to a very complex problem,” he said.

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