I helped capture the Russian “merchant of death”. Don’t trade him for Brittney Griner.


President Joe Biden and others who consider it appropriate to consider release Russian weapons merchant Viktor Bout From prison in exchange for American citizens illegally detained in Russia as a trump card for political negotiations Brittney Griner, Paul Wheelan Or someone else – misguided and naive.

We must not negotiate with terrorists. This includes Russian President Vladimir Putin, the largest terrorist known today.

Match known as “”Merchants of deathProvided fuel for conflicts around the world. He was an important player in the world’s illegal arms trade, not because he had access to weapons, but because he was able to deliver destructive cargo anywhere in the world by controlling the civilian fleet of military aircraft. .. And he did just that.

Huge amounts of resources and political capital have been spent on important national security investigations into Bout’s actions. Life was at stake and constant efforts were made. Currently, many voices are not properly considered in these deliberations on whether to release the match in exchange for Americans.Those voices include war-torn countries around the world, especially In africa..

Russia needs to release Brittney Griner. And we need to amend the US Cannabis Control Law.

Most of the articles and interviews Insist on the release of the match In exchange for Greener and others, we completely misunderstand the impact of such businesses on national security. They say Bout, arrested in 2008, is no longer a threat as it will soon be released and unlikely to continue to be a force in the global illegal arms trade.

The match is helpful for clarity Less than 15 years, Or 60% of his 25-year compulsory sentence. The evidence for the match was widespread and terrible.At a recorded secret meeting, the United States told people who believed he was a terrorist facilitator. The enemy he swore.. He provided them as part of a wide range of weapons of heavy weapons, Hundreds of surface-to-air missiles Used against US military advisors and the Colombian army.

Swap will send a terrible message to enemies and allies

The potential re-engagement of the match in the arms trade is not a major national security impact to be considered. Rather, such surrender is a negative and reverberant message.

Negotiating the release of bail is a reckless and short-sighted foreign policy. Such actions only encourage our enemies to engage in the abduction, illegal detention, and ransom of American citizens around the world. Organizations such as Hezbollah, drug cartels, and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation become bold when criminal activity is rewarded. We must make it clear that nothing can be gained by engaging in these criminal acts.

“Only in my opinion”: Grinner deserves our support as she sits in a Russian prison

Negotiating the release of the match will erode the rule of law. The Drug Enforcement Department does not conduct politically motivated investigations. The proceedings in the match were based solely on his criminal activity. If we succumb to conducting political transactions, we undermine the legitimacy of the legal system and effectively downplay the rule of law to the political stunts of Putin and his kangaroo courts.

WNBA star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner will speak with a lawyer in court on July 15, 2022, before a hearing in the suburbs of Moscow.

WNBA star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner will speak with a lawyer in court on July 15, 2022, before a hearing in the suburbs of Moscow.

The DEA and other US law enforcement agencies work closely together in conducting major international criminal investigations. Global partner executives.. These partnerships require a great deal of trust and sacrifice.

Countless foreign participants literally put their lives and happiness on the line in the investigation of the match. They paid a great deal of political and diplomatic costs to help the cause of justice.They did this with the assurance that the crime they committed was very serious and unstable and they had committed it. 25-year compulsory minimum sentence – A sentence codified by US law.

If we sign a contract to release the bout, we will turn our back on our commitments with these partners. Our words are meaningless. This will have a negative impact on future national security interests.

Help the general public see the dangers of a hostile nation

We also need to find ways to discourage citizens from doing unnecessary harm, such as missionaries trying to spread good intentions, adventure seekers chasing unique experiences, and vulnerable people who have succumbed to criminal fraud. there is. I speak from experience. I spent nearly 3 years Innocent American Citizen I was imprisoned abroad.

Greener, Welan, Trevor Reed Each decided to travel to Russia for profit and / or personal pleasure. Russia has been a hostile nation long before the invasion of Ukraine. However, I have prayers and wishes for each of them and their families. We should not abandon our citizens when we need them, and we should work tirelessly to get their loved ones home safely. However, these efforts should not focus on improper transactions.

Why is the left so angry? Pregnancy centers exist to help mothers and babies.

Rob & quot; Zach & quot; & nbsp; Zachariasiewicz was one of the Drug Enforcement Agents behind the operation that led to Viktor Bout's 2008 arrest in Thailand.

Rob “Zach” Zachariasiewicz was one of the Drug Enforcement Agents behind the operations that led to Viktor Bout’s 2008 arrest in Thailand.

Some ask if exchanging a match with one of the Americans in Russia would be a “fair” deal. I reject such a calculation. Not worth putting in human life. It is not possible to judge the value of one person in comparison with another. My claim is based on national security and sound decision-making logic. I also pray for the safe return of the people being held and wish for the peace of the family.

The deliberations at hand seem to be aimed at getting votes and rehabilitating badly failed proceedings. Ironically, I have spoken to many moderate, thoughtful and logical friends on both sides of the political aisle, and unfortunately there is an almost universal agreement against this negotiation. I urge Biden to consider this and categorically refuse to negotiate with terrorists.

Rob “Zach” Zachariasiewicz was one of the agents of the Drug Enforcement Department Behind the surgery That led to Victor Bout’s 2008 arrest in Thailand. Zachariasiewicz retired from DEA at the end of 2019, 22 years later, and now runs its own consulting business...

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Free Brittney Griner, Paul Werlan. However, it is not an exchange for Victor Bout.