“I hope I treated it gently enough for her.”

A Chicago community librarian’s post about his tragic encounter has been talked about on Twitter.

“I called an elderly patron who didn’t have the internet and asked to look up the obituary because my high school friend’s gang hadn’t contacted me for a while,” said Eddie the Giant Librarian on Twitter. Known Eddie Kristang, I have written.. “I found them all. She cried. I cried. I hope I treated it gently enough for her.”

He added, “I talked to her a little and told her to come to the library, and I can print compliments for her or I can mail them to her. She tells me her I had you read some. It’s really sh–time so lonely. “

Today we asked Kristang for further comment on this encounter. I’ll update this post when he comes back to us.

Twitter users were flooded with comments praising his support for patrons during a tragic encounter.

One answered, “Your compassion and empathy is great. Thank you for everything you have done and hope you have a good support system for such a day.”

Written by another person“I did this for my mom. I hope your patrons are okay.”

“Public librarians and library staff are very underrated.” Another person has been added.

Christan works as a security supervisor at the Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL), the same library as homeschooling students in Gurnee, Illinois, about 40 miles from Chicago.

“The library has provided me with a safe place to read and read books and media.” He told the Library Journal in 2020..

According to the publication, Kristang is a safe place for staff and about 1,800 patrons looking for a “community center for all information needs.”

“If you need to use your speakerphone for hearing loss, you can bring it to your private study, vending machine, or lobby instead of just shutting it down,” he said. “I’m approaching this person to promote (their needs),” he added, his method “changing your voice, which changes your appearance.”

Kristang’s love for work, and more importantly, the elderly patrons who call, have been valued more than 150,000 times in just 21 hours of being shared.

“I love my job. It may be crazy, but the people here are my family. And I can participate in the library’s positive mission, not just the reactive mission of security. Now that I’ve done it, I don’t want to do anything else. “