I live alone and love to shop at Costco. Here are 20 things I buy every time.

Costco Kirkland Milk and Costco Kirkland Snack Pack

I will buy it at Costco.Kathryn Konda

  • I live alone Bulk buying at Costco Executive membership is worth it.

  • While buying staple foods such as milk, eggs and bread at the store, I have very little food waste.

  • In addition to treats like Pirate’s Booty, I also like to buy toilet paper and socks.

I always stock up on milk and eggs.

Kirkland milk carton and Kirkland egg carton on Costco shelves

Costco Kirkland brand milk and eggs.Kathryn Konda

It’s still not entirely clear how Costco keeps milk and egg prices low compared to other grocery stores.

I regularly buy packages of 1 gallon of Kirkland 2% milk ($ 3.44) and 2 dozen Kirkland cage-free large eggs ($ 3.59).

They last surprisingly long in my fridge and both have a variety of uses, from cereals and scrambled eggs for dinner to homemade meatballs and brownie recipes.

Professional Tip: Don’t Save Milk on the fridge door.. I found it ruined there much faster.

Bread is always on my list.

Hands holding 2 loaves of whole wheat bread at Costco

Costco’s Dutch country bread.Kathryn Konda

I’m committed to sticking to whole grains as much as possible, and as far as I can remember, I’ve eaten Stroehmann 100% whole wheat bread.

Imagine the joy of discovering on your first Costco trip last year that it’s almost half the price of a regular grocery store ($ 3.89 for two loaves).

Professional tips (Especially for singles): Immediately store one loaf in the refrigerator and the other in the freezer. Use soft bread for sandwiches and frozen bread for toast.

Peanut butter and jelly are a staple of my pantry.

Hands holding a double package of peanut butter at Costco and hands holding a bulk jar of jelly at Costco

Costco’s Kirkland brand peanut butter and jelly.Kathryn Konda

Do you have a more perfect meal Classic PB & J?? I do not think so.

With my aforementioned whole wheat bread, Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter ($ 9.99 for two 28 ounce jars), and (seasonal) Kirkland Organic Strawberry Spread ($ 6.99), the sandwich feels swelling.

In addition, both items last longer in the pantry and fridge, making them ideal for singles.

Of course, avocados are my necessities list because I’m an older millennial.

Costco's avocado handheld bag

Costco’s avocado.Kathryn Konda

Six packs of avocado cost $ 6.49 at Costco — steal compared to your regular grocery store.

I live alone Use them in many recipes: Straight from the skin with a pinch of toast, wrap, omelet, and even a pinch of kosher salt and a squeeze of lemon.

I don’t waste one. My best tip is to allow them to ripen on your countertop and keep an eye on them. The moment they feel ripe (or even a little unripe), transfer them to the produce crisper in the fridge.

I was fortunate enough to keep them perfect and ready to eat for up to 2 weeks.

I can’t find cheap berries anywhere else.

Blueberry Carton and Raspberry Carton at Costco

Costco blueberries and raspberries.Kathryn Konda

You can’t find a better value for berries. A two-pound container of blueberries costs $ 6.49, and a 12-ounce raspberry package costs $ 4.49.

These babies suppress the cravings that occur because I don’t have many sweet teeth. I take a handful out of the fridge all day, use it in smoothies, sprinkle on cereals and yogurt, and sneak into PB & J.

Before I started wilting, I hit the bottom of the container.

I have been a Greek yogurt lover for many years and Chobani is my favorite.

Bulk Chobani Greek Yogurt Package on Costco Shelf

Costco Chobani Low Sugar Greek Yogurt.Kathryn Konda

At Costco, I screamed with almost joy when I found my favorite Chobani sugar-free Greek yogurt for only $ 12.99 in 16 packs.

Even better, this crate is used very often and specially.

Yogurt is great for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack, but I also love breaking it open just before going to bed. Throw some blueberries there and you’ll get a perfectly balanced treat.

I always grab my favorite Quaker cereal box.

Costco's Quaker Oatmeal Square Double Package

Costco’s Quaker Oatmeal Square.Kathryn Konda

My favorite cereal It can be polarized — its high fiber content is not always gentle on the sensitive stomach. But I absolutely love it.

Quaker Oatmeal Square is voluminous enough to withstand any time in the milk, making it a perfect crispy snack right out of the box and a yogurt topping.

Well-known brand cereals are astronomically expensive in grocery stores, but Costco’s huge two packs cost $ 6.99 and will last as long as the inner bag is tightly sealed.

A-Sha’s pre-packaged noodles are a lifesaver when I’m in a pinch.

Bulk Asha Noodle Boss on Costco's Shelf

Costco’s Asha noodles.Kathryn Konda

A-Sha noodles cost only $ 9.49 in 12 packages.

It’s surprisingly high in protein (10 grams per serving) and cooks perfectly in 2 minutes. noodles It is also the perfect base for nutritious add-ins such as frozen broccoli and pea, and leftover proteins such as chicken breast, steak and shrimp.

If you’re looking at sodium, add a small amount of organic butter, low-sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic powder to the prepared sauce packet to taste.

This is the best budget-friendly, nutritious, and quick lunch or supper you can make.

Costco sells three of your favorite pre-packaged meal items.

Costco's pre-packaged meal aisle

Side dish at Costco.Kathryn Konda

There is always one pre-packaged meal item in your Costco cart for each trip.

My three recommendations are tortellini pasta salad ($ 4.99 / lb), Asian chicken wrap ($ 4.99 / lb), roast chicken and Swiss rollers ($ 5.49 / lb).

The secret of a single To avoid wasting food, stick to one of these on each trip and promise to eat it for lunch or dinner for several days in a row.

When categorizing the costs by meal, all of these items are of great value and save a lot of time.

Kirkland chicken breast is always in my cart.

Kirkland Chicken Breast Package in Costco Refrigerator

Costco Kirkland chicken breast.Kathryn Konda

Kirkland chicken breast It’s always £ 1.89.

They are already sealed in partial size packages, well stored in the freezer and can be prepared in millions of different ways.

I usually season chicken with plenty of olive oil, kosher salt, peppercorn, garlic powder and parsley and throw it on the countertop grill.

When you’re ready, put it in the fridge for salads, wraps, pasta, ramen, or chill it out of the fridge in the afternoon when you need a protein boost.

Pirate’s Booty is the perfect snack anytime, day or night.

Bulk bag of pirate loot on Costco shelves

Costco pirate loot.Kathryn Konda

I’m a salty snack shop. Costco sells an 18-ounce resealable Pirate Bootee bag for $ 4.99 (special price).

I’m always nervous when I run out of things, so I always have them in my Costco cart.

Salty treats definitely please the crowd — my nephew demands it whenever they visit.

Well-known branded snack packs usually cost a lot of money, while Kirkland cheese, fruit and nut packs are stolen.

Kirkland snack pack box on Costco shelves

Kirkland cheese, fruit and nut snack packs.Kathryn Konda

Kirkland cheese, fruit and nut packs are relatively stolen at $ 8.99 for 16 packs.

You can put it in your expedition bag and enjoy it as an afternoon snack or eat it for a busy morning breakfast.

Will you buy all the different ingredients and make your own cheaper? probably. But for busy singles, convenience and simplicity can be worth it.

I used milk and sugar for my morning coffee until I found the Premier Protein swaying.

Costco's Best Protein Shake Bulk Box

Premier Protein shakes at Costco.Kathryn Konda

The Premier Protein Shake costs $ 26.99 for 18 packs of Costco.

I stick to vanilla because it’s that simple.

Sprinkle plenty of one of these on your morning coffee instead of creamer and sweeteners to fix caffeine A snack full of protein..

The package is large for people living alone, but it is a shelf-stable food.

I don’t buy paper towels or toilet paper anywhere else.

Costco Bulk Paper Towel Package and Bulk Toilet Paper Package

Kirkland brand paper towels and toilet paper.Kathryn Konda

These household staples are on all Costco’s “best of” lists, for good reason.

Kirkland branded paper products have amazing value, excellent quality, and are perfect for singles living alone. 12 packs of paper towels cost only $ 14.79 and 30 packs of toilet paper cost only $ 16.99.

These last a long time, so I rarely need to buy them back, and if you break down the price per roll, it’s a steal.

Costco sells bulk packs of PUMA athletic socks.

Handheld package of Puma Athletic Socks at Costco

Costco Puma Socks.Kathryn Konda

We recommend that you do not include at least one non-food item in your essentials list.

Costco offers all kinds of high quality apparel at affordable prices. Kirkland leggings are my favorite, even after trying many other brands.

However, I included Puma Athletic Socks because they are unanimously loved by friends and family. I also gave them as gifts.

10 packs are only $ 13.99.

Note: Prices are based on one location in Costco, New Jersey.

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