I lost 70 pounds in 8 months. Here are my 10 favorite snacks that helped me reach my weight loss goal.

The author has a plate of apples with chocolate and whipped cream next to her photo, which has a photo of jalapeno with laughing cow cheese on top.

These snacks helped me get going during the weight loss journey. Spencer Morin

  • I lost £ 70 in eight months and enjoyed a delicious treat along the way.

  • I love turning bananas into “snickers” to make yogurt bowls inspired by strawberry cheesecake.

  • Low-calorie jalapeno poppers, apple nachos and lime grapes are also my favorite treats.

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Me Lost 70 pounds in 8 months However, I tried to enjoy delicious food on the way.

In particular, I confirmed that I still have Lots of delicious food I was able to make and reach out whenever I wanted something between meals.

Here were some of my go-to snacks:

I make the simplest jalapeno popper with laughing cow cheese

I put two wedges of pepperjack laughing cow cheese (any flavor works) on half of the six jalapenos, put low-fat mozzarella cheese on top, and then microwave.

Each has about 15 calories and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

Apple nachos is one of my favorite desserts

I love slicing all kinds of apples and sprinkling them with low-calorie peanut butter and whatever I want (low-sugar chocolate, coconut flakes, or light whipped cream).

Turkey, lettuce and cheese rollup are snacks and meals

Eat one of them as a snack or make some Easy lunch.. My favorite combinations were lettuce, sliced ​​turkey, cheddar cheese, mustard or guacamole.

I liked to make Greek yogurt taste like chocolate mousse

I got tired of plain Greek yogurt, so I mixed sugar-free cocoa power, chocolate chips, and fruits well.It changes what might be a boring breakfast For a decadent dessert..

Satisfy your desire for cheesecake by making a yogurt bowl

I love making bowls inspired by strawberry cheesecake. All you need is strawberry yogurt, fresh berries, and graham cracker bread crumbs.

Next to her photo holding a yogurt inspired by strawberries and cheesecake in an author mug holding her banana

Banana “Snickers” (left) and strawberry cheesecake-style yogurt (right) are two of my favorite low-calorie desserts. Spencer Morin

Pretzelsin and hummus are classic combos

There is So many flavors to combine..

My favorite is garlic parmesan cin with jalapeno and coriander hummus. Guacamole If you want variety.

Banana “snickers” are very easy to make

To make these, simply place caramel, peanuts and unsweetened chocolate on top of a slice of banana. You can eat this right away or freeze it for a great late night treat.

Lime juice can make grapes taste like sour candy

Just cut the grapes and squeeze a little lime juice. Enjoy it now or freeze it.

Light popcorn is a perfect pair with low sugar chocolate chips

I loved making this after dinner because it was perfect A combination of salty and sweet..

Any low-calorie popcorn is good for this, but I like the light kettle corn.

Celery goes well with guacamole

Celery can hold so many great things to eat a bite and I It turns out that it is particularly satisfied When combined with guacamole. We also pair celery with hummus and peanut butter powder.

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