I made baked potatoes using Guy Fieri’s recipe, but it was worth the wait for 7 hours.


(Left) Photo of Inagaten on top of baked potatoes (Right) Photo of Gaifieri on top of baked potatoes

I was impressed with Guy Fieri’s recipe. Page Bennett; Michael Loccisano / Getty; Demetrios Cambris / Getty Images for Discovery

I love cooking, but I didn’t really enjoy spending seven hours humbly in the kitchen. baked potato..

this Baked potato recipe From a celebrity chef Guy Fieri It’s worth the wait.

Read on to learn more about techniques and recipes.

I started by scrubbing the potatoes and soaking them in salt water for a few hours.

Potatoes sitting in a bowl of water while holding the potatoes in a glass

The potatoes had to be weighed so that they would stay in the salt water. Page Bennett

The key to these delicious baked potatoes is to soak them in salt water.

Combine lukewarm water and hot water A large amount of salt Place in a large mixing bowl and place the scrubbed russet potatoes in salt water.

Weighed the potatoes with a glass so that they wouldn’t float on top. Then I let the potatoes rest in salt water for a whopping 6 hours.

From there, the briny potatoes were further salted.

Rolling baked potatoes with a mixture of Gaifieri salt

There was a lot of salty taste. Page Bennett

After brining the potatoes, I mixed the seasoning salt, garlic salt, kosher salt and black pepper and rolled them.

I’m not good at salty foods, so I was worried that I might not like this recipe at this point.

Nothing is written about making holes in potatoes, so Straight into the oven 45 minutes on a sturdy top plate at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whipping wasabi sour cream while baking potatoes

Prepared Guy Fieri Baked Potato and Horseradish Sour Cream Recipe

The toppings were very easy to make. Page Bennett

Fieri provides potatoes with a simple horseradish sour cream consisting of horseradish (I used the one I bought at the store), sour cream, salt and black pepper.

Mix these ingredients while baking the potatoes and you’re ready to topping.

Finally, it’s time to assemble and dig

Completed Baked Potato Recipe and Horseradish Sour Cream

It had a creamy and fluffy texture. Page Bennett

NS potato It was done in the oven after 45 minutes.

I sliced ​​it into one and immediately thought it would be great. The interior was very soft, the skin was crispy and the edges were raised.

I topped the spud with plenty of horseradish sour cream and immediately devoured it.

With a creamy center and crispy skin, the texture was perfect. To be sure, the skin was a little salty and I couldn’t eat much by itself. But I chewed it a few times and enjoyed it in combination with all the salt-balanced horseradish sour cream.

Contrast textures, different flavors, salty coatings and creamy horseradish toppings were all combined in the best possible way. It takes nearly 7 hours to make, but this potato is worth the wait.

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