I made cinnamon rolls using the recipes of three famous chefs and the best surprised me

Ree Drummond Cinnamon Roll

One of the cinnamon roll recipes I’ve tried is from Ree Drummond. Astrid Stawiarz / Getty; Page Bennett for Insiders

  • I followed the cinnamon roll recipes of chefs Alton Brown, Ree Drummond and Sandra Lee.

  • Lee’s recipe was minimal effort, but it didn’t work.

  • The Dramondo recipe was my favorite, but it was so cluttered that I made it again just for a special occasion.

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Imagine sweet cinnamon sugar swirling into a pillow-soft dough, all dripping with sparkling icing-does your mouth water anymore?

When the craving for cinnamon rolls begins, you You can certainly grab a can from the grocery store -But nothing beats the sticky homemade ones that fill the whole house with a pleasant scent.

To make the ultimate cinnamon roll, I Recipes tested from Famous chefs Alton Brown, Ree Drummond and Sandra Lee find out who is the best chef.

Read on to see what each recipe looks like and which one was my favorite.

Alton Brown’s recipe requires pantry staple food

Ingredients of Alton Brown

Alton Brown cinnamon roll material. Page Bennett for Insiders

according to Alton Brown recipe, Cinnamon rolls can be made using fairly basic kitchen ingredients. Many of them are what I already had.

The ingredients are so standard that I happened to have enough on hand to make two batches. This was useful later when the first attempt encountered a problem.

Brown’s overnight cinnamon rolls are intended to be prepared the day before, making morning preparation easier.

I like the idea of ​​making these bread rolls in the evening, letting them cool overnight and then finishing them in the morning. Dividing the steps makes the process much easier.

Still, this was a long process, so if you wanted to enjoy these cinnamon rolls, you had to plan ahead. I made the dough the day before, raised it for about two and a half hours, and cooled it overnight.

For my dough, I used instant yeast that someone shared with me from a large package.I kept it in a transparent, resealable bag, but it turned out that the instant yeast was opened. Must be refrigerated.

So my instant yeast was worthless. But I didn’t notice this until later.

In the morning I raised the bread rolls further in a cold oven for 30 minutes with a pot of boiling water. Then I baked them for 30 minutes.

Alton Brown's first batch 1

The first batch of Alton Brown cinnamon rolls didn’t work for my ingredients. Page Bennett for Insiders

The· The first batch was definitely wrong..

As I foresaw, my first batch never rose due to my instant yeast problem. The dough appeared to be fairly dry from start to finish and the cinnamon rolls remained small throughout the process.

They didn’t rise in the oven and appeared to be poorly cooked and dry, but at least worked well as an air freshener.

Alton Brown's first batch 3

My first attempt at Alton Brown’s cinnamon rolls was shelved. Page Bennett for Insiders

The icing had a sweet scent, but it looked thin with a chunk of cream cheese. These cinnamon rolls were difficult to cut and incredibly dense.

The taste was excellent, with a buttery and sweet cinnamon flavor, but the texture was hard and dry. Due to the lump, the icing was also turned off.

I decided to try Brown’s recipe again

Created a second batch after the first attempt failed. This time, I tried using active yeast instead of instant yeast, following a brief description of yeast packets. It worked perfectly.

Following the instructions in the recipe, the active yeast was combined with warm water (confirmed that the temperature was between 100 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit) and sugar, added to the mixer and left for 10 minutes before making the dough.

Alton Brown Second Batch 1

In the second batch of Alton Brown cinnamon rolls, my dough looked great. Page Bennett for Insiders

The second time, the dough became fluffy and sticky. It rose very well and was so soft and sticky that it was a little difficult to work with.

My first attempt was disappointing, but the second batch of brown bread rolls was great

Alton Brown Second Batch 3

The cinnamon rolls from my second batch looked great. Page Bennett for Insiders

These came out of the oven Looks and smells delicious..

In this batch, more brown sugar leaked from the filling and the bottom of the cinnamon rolls was slightly overkill.

Otherwise, the roll was very soft. I liked the flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar more, so I want to prevent the contents from leaking and collecting at the bottom of the pot.

Alton Brown Second Batch 4

The frosting was a little thick. Page Bennett for Insiders

For the second icing, I put the cream cheese on for a long time to make it go well with powdered sugar and milk, but it still hardened. In the future, you might try topping with whipped cream cheese.

Overall, this recipe resulted in a soft, pillow-like cinnamon roll with more fillings available.

Ree Drummond’s recipe featured enough unique ingredients to feed the crowd

Ree Drummond Ingredients

Ree Drummond cinnamon roll material. Page Bennett for Insiders

Pioneer woman often whiplashes recipes for her crowd Cooking show, That makes sense Her original recipe Produces 40 to 50 cinnamon rolls.

I cut the ingredients in half, and this recipe made the most cinnamon rolls of all three recipes I tested.

I liked this recipe requiring some less common ingredients, including maple extract and strong coffee. I already made it in the fridge, so I used cold brew.

Oddly, this is a one-pot recipe

Ree Drummond making dough with a stove 1

The Ree Drummond recipe required only one pot. Page Bennett for Insiders

There are several mixing bowls needed for icing, but the dough is actually made in a single pot on the stove. This was a pretty easy start, even if it seemed strange to me.

I made the dough on the stove as instructed and transferred it to a mixing bowl to prove it. It went up so well that I had a hard time stopping it.

Ree Drummond 2

Stretching the dough has never been so easy. Page Bennett for Insiders

The raised dough overflowed from the mixing bowl and was fluffy and sticky, so I couldn’t get it out easily.

I rang it as much as possible and stuffed it before putting the dough strips in a baking pan to make it even more exciting.

Ree Drummond 3

Ree Drummond cinnamon rolls are rolled before cooking. Page Bennett for Insiders

It looked quite far in the pot, but I knew it would get even more exciting once I started baking.

The look and scent of these maple cinnamon rolls was unrealistic and the taste was even better.

Ree Drummond 5

I would appreciate it if you could smell it from the screen. Page Bennett for Insiders

Despite the confusion and frustration, these rolls are almost perfect. When I entered the oven, they seemed a little pitiful and out of shape, but they were golden with a sticky center.

Maple icing was easy to make, but next time I plan to sift it to prevent the powdered sugar from solidifying.

Ree Drummond 7

The cinnamon rolls were almost perfect. Page Bennett for Insiders

The edge of the cinnamon roll was just a little overkill. Except for the slightly crispy edges, the rolls were perfectly soft, with a sweet filling and a sticky center.

It was indescribably good to eat a bite from the middle of these rolls, and the maple icing was so good that I could eat it from the bowl.

For myself and my partner alone, I don’t think I’ll experience the nightmare mess of this recipe again. But for the crowd, these cinnamon rolls are made to impress.

Sandra Rally cinnamon rolls were amazingly fast and easy

Sand Rally Ingredients

Ingredients for sand rally cinnamon rolls. Page Bennett for Insiders

True to her semi-homemade fame, Lee’s recipe I need frozen bread dough. My grocery store usually sells one brand of frozen white dough, but when I went shopping it was out of stock.

Fortunately, Yahoo interview in April 2020, Lee said that this recipe allows you to replace frozen bread with biscuit dough.

I thought the slightly acidic buttermilk flavor would balance the sweetness of the cinnamon rolls, so I decided to use buttermilk biscuits.

The dough was harder to roll out than I expected

Biscuit dough is so dense that it is difficult to unfold. But once flattened, it was easy to add brown sugar and cinnamon fillings.

The dough for this recipe was easiest to roll out and shape.

Sandra Lee 1

In this recipe, we cut cinnamon rolls from dough logs. Page Bennett for Insiders

The dough is easy to cut, beautiful and makes a nearly perfect bread roll. This was a great break from other batches of cinnamon rolls I made, and it almost fell apart when I cut them.

Sandra Lee 2

The cinnamon rolls were pretty good before they were put in the oven. Page Bennett for Insiders

Even with ready-made biscuit dough, the cut roll had to be left for an hour to prove it. Meanwhile, they didn’t seem to rise at all.

Similar to Brown’s recipe, the cream cheese icing I prepared turned out to be rugged.

The cinnamon rolls looked great, but the center was poorly cooked

Sandra Lee 4

Sandra Lee’s cinnamon rolls looked golden, but the contents weren’t completely cooked. Page Bennett for Insiders

These turned golden and the icing lumps melted when they encountered the hot rolls.

Unfortunately, the dough was so thick that the center didn’t burn well, it was too bad and there was too much dough. However, I predicted that the longer I stayed in the oven, the more the edges would burn.

Sandra Lee 5

These cinnamon rolls weren’t always worth the hassle. Page Bennett for Insiders

The buttermilk flavor helped cut off the extra sweetness caused by overfilling, but otherwise these cinnamon rolls tasted very similar to the cinnamon rolls purchased in the store.

So I would probably skip buying cans of biscuit dough to make these rolls and opt for cans of cinnamon rolls purchased at the store.

I make completely dramond cinnamon rolls again … but just for special occasions

Ree Drummond 8

The Ree Drummond cinnamon roll recipe was great. Page Bennett for Insiders

In general, making cinnamon rolls is long and awkward.

personally, You can pick up a can of cinnamon rolls from the store Or buy them from a local bakery or restaurant. I will continue to do so, but for special occasions and large gatherings, I make dramond recipes with heartbeats.

Her recipe brought such sweet cinnamon rolls, and maple icing was really a very unique and special touch that took them to the next level.

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