I moved from New York to Los Angeles. Here are the six things that surprised me the most.

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La from New York

After living on the east coast for the rest of my life, I moved to the west coast. Ariana Valentino for Insiders

Growing up in New Britain, Connecticut, I realized my dream of moving to New York City for college at the age of 18. I’ve been staying for another three years after school and I think it’s still one of the best places in the world.

But last year I felt it needed to be changed.My life was a bit stagnant, so hoping to find a job in the movie industry, I packed up my luggage I moved to Los Angeles..

Of course, I expected it to be very different in some respects, such as weather, food and transportation, but there were some differences I didn’t expect.

As Lifelong East CoasterHere’s what surprised me most about moving to California:

Adapted to the climate faster than I expected

Los Angeles

Now, when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m trying to get a sweater. Shutterstock

Coming from the northeast with harsh winters and humid summers, it’s pretty interesting to witness a seasonal version of Southern California.

I can’t help laughing at myself when I see people gathering in an Arctic-strength hoodie on a 65th Fahrenheit day.

However, I got used to the climate much earlier than I expected. After being spoiled for several weeks on a sunny day above 70 degrees Celsius, it began to get chilly as the temperature began to drop in the evening.

Now, whenever you think the temperature could drop in the 50’s, get a light jacket. In New York, when you’re in your 50s in the spring off My coat.

Life without a car is surprisingly easy in LA

Los Angeles traffic

I thought it would be difficult to move here without a car. AP / Eric Risberg

After spending my adulthood in New York City, where someone rarely owns a car, I was prepared for some difficulty acclimatizing to Los Angeles.

Many told me that it couldn’t be done, public transport in California wasn’t very good, and I would spend a fortune on ride-sharing apps.

But traveling without a car has become much more feasible than I had expected.

I’m used to the vast public transport available in New York, but the LA bus and train system is actually very convenient-it has some advantages over New York. These trains do not cover much of the ground, but are generally clean on time.

If you can’t get on the train, the Ride Share app allows you to travel farther with less money than in New York.

Californians are very struggling to travel surprisingly long distances

Do boys and Californians like road trips?

Everywhere Angelenos visited in movies and on TV, Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe are farther from the city than I had imagined. For East coasters (at least what I know), a two or three hour drive is a big challenge and is probably reserved for a special occasion.

However, in my experience, people living in Los Angeles are supposed to drive for 3-5 hours for voluntary weekend trips. And an hour drive to Malibu for a beach day is a common occurrence.

LA food is just as delicious, but not at all

In and out

In-N-Out Burger is a popular West Coast chain store. Hollis Johnson / Business Insider

Which coast, or Which major cities have the best food In the country. Now that I live in California, I understand why it’s so difficult to analyze.

New York has a world-class restaurant scene, with chefs doing some of the most interesting things from any culinary city in the world.But in California Natural advantage of delicious and fresh ingredients.. The food in restaurants and grocery stores is exponentially fortified by great produce, as many vegetables and fruits appear to grow here.

In New York, I felt that I needed extra eagle eyes to buy produce, but in Los Angeles there are no sad pinkish tomatoes or avocados that are never ripe.

That said, there are some things you can’t find in California. Specifically, the big and cheap part of takeout (especially Chinese food), Of course, a decent bagel..

Finding an apartment in LA was much easier than finding an apartment in New York

In New York, the process of finding and securing real estate is notorious for its headaches. You generally need to prepare a lot of financial documents, sometimes a letter of recommendation from a former landlord, and a cashier’s check right away, or someone will snap your location.

And your annual salary is at least Monthly rent 40 times, You may need a guarantor to sign on.

In Los Angeles, this is not a rule of thumb. I visited two apartments and chose the one I saw second. The real estate manager said he was “not in a hurry” to get a deposit.

I couldn’t believe it.

Moreover, the approval process was not very rigorous. The long-standing apartment hunt in New York prepared for a much more intense and complex process than I actually had to deal with here.

I think LA has a more laid-back attitude towards drinking alcohol and smoking weeds.

Wine purchase, wine shop

You can buy wine at LA grocery stores. Shutterstock

Growing up in Connecticut and living in New York as an adult, I was always confused when a friend who grew up on the west coast asked me to buy a bottle of wine from a grocery store.Because of the law Them East coast state, Wine and liquor can only be purchased at designated liquor stores, not at grocery stores or Bodegas.

However, California, You can buy wine and liquor while shopping for groceries. It’s a small difference, but when I first arrived, it was a bit unpleasant to see the full section of wine and liquor at the grocery store.

In addition, cannabis is legal Above and below the west coast.. Marijuana use is not always rare on the East Coast, as it is decriminalized in New York and legal in some states in New England, but it is much more common in LA publications, resulting in much more. , I can’t get too stigmatized.

In short, here’s a clinic that looks like a super tech or billboard that promotes delivery service startups throughout the city. It’s neither scandalous nor strange that wealthy professionals use cannabis frequently here, but it doesn’t seem to be the case in the east.

Overall, things really seem to be colder in California

As far as I know, it’s not just a stereotype. People seem to be more relaxed and things are slowing down here in LA.

People love to have longer lunches and go out, and despite the traffic, there is much less road anger here than in New York.

However, we often miss the pace of New York and the right attitude of the East Coasters.

Good at friendly conversations with talkative strangers, but sometimes misses public loneliness. I also miss the New Yorkers always seeming to complain and deepen their ties-my candidness doesn’t seem to be welcomed in LA.

Deep, I’m still a very East Coaster in my mind-but so far I love the sunshine, the fresh avocados, and the overall relaxed atmosphere of the West Coast.

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