I moved from the United States to Ireland. Here are 11 things you should know before moving.

Alexis posing in front of a lake in Ireland

I moved to Ireland three years ago.Alexis Maxparen

  • Me I moved from the United States to Ireland Through an Irish working holiday visa three years ago.

  • It was hard to find something like a full-time job, affordable housing, and a group of good friends.

  • This country can be expensive, but I learned that there is a lot to explore, especially by car.

2019 i I moved from the United States to Ireland I didn’t look back.

All I had was two very large suitcases, a savings of about $ 4,000, and a folder of my wrinkled documents. Irish Working Holiday VisaThis allows recent graduates to travel and work in Ireland for a year.

I had no jobs, no housing, no relatives, no ties to the country, and basically no general plans. There were many questions from people all over the world that they wanted to know how to do it.

Three years later, I wish I could provide the words of wisdom to myself at the age of 23.

Ireland can be expensive, so save as much as you can

People eating outside Irish restaurants

People eating outside Irish restaurants

Even restaurants and grocery stores are more expensive than my hometown.Alexis Maxparen

Ireland is a very expensive place to live and my savings disappeared faster than I budgeted.

I knew I would get a better security cushion in case it took longer than I expected to find a job, so I saved as much as I could before arriving.

Before moving, I skipped night outs and dining with friends for almost a year. After all, I wanted to put a Guinness pint in Dublin rather than another Latte in Starbucks, Missouri.

Finding a job in Ireland is difficult. Especially if you’re not in Ireland yet.

A shot of a street in Dublin Ireland lined with shops

A shot of a street in Dublin Ireland lined with shops

It’s difficult to get a job in Dublin.Alexis Maxparen

In the months before moving, I received the same response from countless job seekers: “Let’s talk when you are on the ground.”

I have learned to start receiving serious responses only if you are physically in Ireland (your Irish address and phone number are listed on your resume to prove it).

Sadly, the Irish employment market is very competitive, especially in Dublin. I applied for hundreds of jobs for months, but most of the jobs didn’t respond. I started getting fed up just to gain Irish-based experience with my resume.

There are many Casual and short-term workYou will compete with other Irish high school and college students, as well as young people in the European Union.

These groups usually fill the spot first, especially for temporary roles and tourism and hospitality jobs.

But you can further extend your American career in Ireland

My only professional experience before moving to Ireland was the marketing coordinator of a non-profit organization.I just graduated from college and I didn’t have a lot of resumes, so the place to find a job is Coffee shop Or a retail store.

After a few months of luck, some temporary manager roles continued, but by building a network through several recruiters, we finally got into the desired area. Is done.

Unlike what I experienced in the United States, this was the easiest way to get a full-time job In Dublin.. It opened the door to a permanent contract role in the area of ​​my choice.

Working Holiday Visas also offer sponsorships for those who wish to live permanently in Ireland. If your employer decides to sponsor you, it can lead to a work visa and will eventually give you permanent residence as long as you continue to work for 2-4 years.

Finding a home in Ireland is not as difficult as job hunting, but it is just as difficult.

Irish white fence and bushy pink house

Irish white fence and bushy pink house

Irish rent can be high.Alexis Maxparen

Finding a home is very difficult throughout Ireland, but finding a home In Dublin It’s a struggle. And unfortunately, it gets harder every year.

Don’t worry if you go to a packed viewing to rent a single bedroom in a shared house. And don’t be surprised if the bedroom comes with a price tag whopper.

In Dublin, you can easily spend € 2,000 a month on rent. Even in small towns, it usually costs 1,500 euros a month (about $ 1,575).

I need to set an Irish phone number

For the first few months, I made a mistake in keeping my American phone number. This seemed to undermine the chance to apply for housing, work, and basically everything you need in Ireland.

As soon as I saw you have an Irish number, I found that people seemed to trust you more. It shows a commitment to live and take root here, so it is advisable to switch as soon as possible.

To make life easier, you can “unlock” your phone (if it’s not already locked) and pay to buy an Irish SIM card with an uncontracted phone plan.

Even if you Just travel Around Europe, you don’t have to pay high prices for international data and calls during your vacation. Just buy a cheap SIM card wherever you are staying. They usually last about 28 days.

This gives you unlimited data at your disposal so you can use social media and Google Maps wherever you are.

Americans living abroad can still vote for US elections — and the process isn’t too difficult

When moving abroad, it is important to investigate how foreign voting works in your country.

Unfortunately, in Ireland, voting can only be done on land. Therefore, Irish citizens must make a special return trip. However, for US citizens, voting is important even while living abroad.

Voted for absentees online In the last two US presidential elections, it was very easy to look at the process.

It doesn’t always rain (usually it rains)

Umbrella art installation on the streets of Dublin Ireland

Umbrella art installation on the streets of Dublin Ireland

Always be prepared for the rain.Alexis Maxparen

There is good reason why Irish people like to talk so much about the weather. Country Well known for being windy, boring and raining almost all year round, pack accordingly.

However, when March begins every year, we all sigh of relief. Everyone is excited that the dark and rainy days are finally over.

From March to September, you can expect sporadic and brilliant weather in Ireland.

People walking on dirt roads in the Irish countryside

Cloudy days are common in Ireland.Alexis Maxparen

Summers are much milder, but are generally cloudy and can start raining at any time from a completely blue sky.

The weather is so unpredictable that it urged the Old Irish to say, “You can see all the seasons in one day.”

As for packing, the less it is, the more it will be.

When I first traveled to Ireland, I was full of two big suitcases. But one would have been enough, if not enough.

Although an expensive country, Ireland has several very cheap shops where you can get whatever you need at home. Pack only Ready to climb multiple stairs and roll down narrow cobblestone streets.

Penny (also known as the Primark outside Ireland) is a true Irish staple. You can buy clothes, shoes, household items, and almost everything else in the sun. The best part is that it is cheap without sacrificing quality.

If possible, explore as many places as possible, especially by car

Clouds rolling over the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Clouds rolling over the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher is a popular destination.Alexis Maxparen

From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to world-class beaches to quirky villages with quirky traditions, Ireland is a fascinating country to explore.

Although it is quite small (about the size of Indiana), the counties are all very different from each other, and each has a different bit of ancient history to explore.

People taking pictures of Skellig Michael from a sea boat

The Irish coast has some great views.Alexis Maxparen

I don’t currently have a car (someday I’ll learn to drive on the other side of the road), so I travel by public transport, which is more convenient and cheaper than driving in the city. ..

However, there are countries all over the country exploring outside Dublin. Ireland is a very rural area and there are many winding narrow country roads that even Google Maps can’t recognize, so driving is the best way to explore.

Thankfully, my Irish partner had a car and was able to make a scenic road trip.

It took me a while to find my person in Ireland

Alexis & # 39; Boyfriend grazing sheep on a dirt path in Ireland

Alexis’ boyfriend grazing sheep on a dirt path in Ireland

I met my boyfriend after moving to Ireland.Alexis Maxparen

When I was looking for a friend, I wore rosy glasses and moved to Ireland.

Joining a group of friends can take some time, especially if you’re together from school. However, there is such a mix in this country, so I recommend making friends with both international and Irish people.

I became really close to most of my colleagues and made some friends through other friends.

I found that joining social media pages and Facebook groups dedicated to Irish Americans and foreigners really helped me meet people. It’s great to be able to chat with fellow Americans and talk about what I miss at home.

You can’t plan everything, but you can still have madness

When migrating to Ireland on a Working Holiday Visa, I found a difficult way to prepare in advance outside of temporary accommodation.

It is almost impossible to build a job or a long-term home in advance. And as a Type A guy who loves to make lists and plan everything in advance, it was kind of scary.

But Ireland is an adventurous, welcoming and crazy (fun) country.

Now, when I return to the United States for vacation every year, I am far more confident of myself and my abilities.

My most pressing advice to anyone who wants to take action is to do it. We cannot grow unless we do something that scares us.

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