“I never thought their fever had disappeared.”

Facebook / Alicia Witt

Facebook / Alicia Witt

1 month after her Shock death of parents due to hypothermiaActor Alicia Witt went to Facebook on Tuesday to elaborate on how she was suffering, wondering what the preventable tragedy could have done to save her.

In a live statement issued on Tuesday, 1984 Dunes With an actor Orange is new black The star writes: I never understand how or why they chose not to tell me this and not let me help with this. My heart is broken. “

At his home in Worcester, Massachusetts, 87 and 75-year-olds Robert and Diane Witt were found dead on December 20. She said she knew they were dead when she heard her detective on her phone line on behalf of her parents. A police officer at the house did not find a clear cause of death, and one lieutenant at the time said “there was no trauma.”

The nature of the sudden mysterious death brought Witt’s former private parents into the limelight, driving the actor himself into a painful type of notoriety. She wrote, “I never imagined I would have to talk about this publicly, much less in the flood of overwhelming sorrow.”

She said her parents were very personal people and were not allowed to enter their homes for more than a decade.

“”[E]When I offered to repair something for them, they refused to put the workers in their house. I begged, cried, and tried to reason with them, “she wrote. “”[B]Every time they were furious at me, they said I had no right to teach them how to live and they were in control of it all. “

She has spent the past month imagining how she could convince them, other than getting a court order to allow her to take care of their home and finances. I said I spent.

“”[B]She describes her parents as “very stubborn,” “very independent,” and “very competent” people, and in the way I had to do this. Working on them really felt like destroying them. ” “It wasn’t a single sentence.”

She wrote that their death was clearly preventable, hurt Witt’s heart, and wondered why they hid the fact that the heating was off.

“It’s not real yet,” she said. She sadly writes that she spent “finding the rest of my life in the breeze, songs, and dreams.” She said she would never find “enough adjectives to explain them.”

“They were excellent educators, very kind, curious, intuitive, wise, young and entertaining,” she wrote. And their last word was “I love you”.

“”[T]The part of the hat was simple. There is no doubt. They loved me very much. I loved them very much. “

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