“I remember it for the rest of my life,” says the soprano.

London, England — Beautiful music is given justice only when the performer is behind every note and every word in the song. Soprano Natasha Jules shared a passion for all the words sung by the vocalist of Shen Yun performing arts.

“I think it’s great. The bass I heard singing one number was really heartfelt and played with passion and complete commitment to what he was singing. It really worked.” Jouhl said. “I definitely know that he is a bass and very skilled in his technique.

Shen Yun is based in New York and the company’s singers are trained in traditional Bel Canto style. The script used in the Shen Yun performance was written by the company’s artistic director, DF.

“It’s really nice, very exciting, approaching and almost winning. [The] A word that appeals to so many people at so many different levels. It was really moving, “she said.

Dance, like singing, requires years of practice to master. Shen Yun dancers are trained in classical Chinese dance. Without words, dancers can tell inspiring stories with the help of a live orchestra.

“The performer’s discipline is great. There’s nothing out of place because they’re perfectly on top of every move. It’s all perfectly synchronized and you can say that. [they] We spent hours and hours making it perfect, along with our neighbors, and every step of what they were doing, “Jouhl said.

Audiences often comment on the calmness of participating in Shen Yun. The company strives to present the best parts of Chinese culture before communism wherever it goes.

“I think energy is very peaceful [and] Uplift at the same time. You really feel it is from the heart and the soul. It’s really great to see, “Jouhl said.

Shen Yun artists not only train together, but also practice Falun Dafa meditation. This practice has been persecuted in China, but the Chinese Communist Party could not prevent the practice from spreading around the world.

“It has a certain spirituality and emotional calm that I think only something like meditation can give you. So I admire them, it’s to see It’s very calming, “said Jouhl.

If she has the opportunity to talk to the artist directly, she says: Bravo! Angkor! That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. The commitment to you and what you offer is truly amazing and it remembers it for the rest of my life, unlike what I’ve seen before. “

Report by NTD and Mariahan.

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