I spent eight hours at Amtrak’s Texas Eagle for $ 47. I felt like I was flying in business class, but I never did it again.

Texas Eagle Seat on the left and Jill Robins on the observatory on the right

I traveled from San Antonio to Alpine on the Texas Eagle.Jill Robins

  • Me Traveled alone on Amtrak’s Texas EagleTake an 8-hour route from San Antonio to Alpine.

  • My $ 47 coach class seat was comfortable, but I would like to bring my own blanket and pillows.

  • The train had impressive gourmet food and showers, but could not guide travelers.

I traveled from San Antonio to Alpine on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle for $ 47.

Amtrak Train Texas Eagle Front

The Texas Eagle left San Antonio early in the morning, so I saw the sunrise from the train.Jill Robins

It takes about 5 hours by car from your home in San Antonio to Alpine, a small town in western Texas near Big Bend National Park.

I wasn’t in a hurry on a recent trip to a popular adventure destination, so I left my car at home and bought an Amtrak $ 47 ticket Texas EagleRunning between Chicago and San Antonio.

The coach class seats were very comfortable but I would like to bring pillows and blankets.

Inside the Texas Eagle Train

Texas Eagle coach section.Jill Robins

My coach class seats in Texas Eagle were big and comfortable.

There was no central seat in this section, and each chair was reclining and equipped with its own power outlet.For comparison, riding a Texas Eagle coach class felt similar Fly in business class..

But i do I wish I had brought it Blanket and neck pillow.

My train left San Antonio early in the morning, so I wanted to sleep a little when I got on the train. Unfortunately, Amtrak doesn’t provide blankets or pillows to guide passengers, so I had to use a jacket.

Amtrak trains provide impressive equipment, but could not guide passengers.

Amtrak's traditional dining menu on the left and cafe menu on the right

Passengers staying in the sleeper could order from the traditional dining menu, but coach-class riders were limited to the cafe menu.Jill Robins

In Texas Eagle Passengers booking sleepers You can dine in the dining car or order gourmet dishes from the traditional dining menu. It featured omelets, steaks, and crab cakes. In addition, food was included in the ticket price.

I was sitting on the coach, so I ate at the Amtrak Cafe, which is open to all passengers. The cafe is similar to a snack bar or kiosk and sells hot food and light meals.

Showers were also available to passengers in higher categories of rooms, some of which were private.My trip was relatively short so I I didn’t have to take a shower on board.

The observation car was the best on the train.

Texas Eagle Observation Lounge

The observation car had the best view on the train.Jill Robins

The Texas Eagle is a superliner train, which means there are two levels. The observation car is on the upper floors and has floor-to-ceiling windows. Provided a wonderful view Of the passing landscape.

I hung out in the observation car early in the morning and watched the rising sun from the desert. The entire train seems to be about half the capacity, and I almost had my own observation car until around 7 am.

The other passengers were friendly and interested in my trip.

Jill Robins masks selfies on the left and trains passengers on the right

I talked to several other passengers during the ride.Jill Robins

I Fly alone, I avoid eye contact and wear headphones to let me know that I am not interested in talking to other passengers. Riding the Texas Eagle was a different feeling and I wanted to be more sociable.

Most of the other passengers I met were a couple in their 70s traveling the country together.One man told me that he and his wife had preferred rail travel since she I was a fear of flying.. The two retirees also enjoyed the slow pace of train movement.

My trip was short, but I felt a friendship with other riders. They were delighted to share their best train travel hacks.

The ride quality of the train was more bumpy than I expected, and it took me a while to get used to all the movements.

Jill Robins' legs sitting in a coach's seat as the sun rises from a distant Texas land

Fortunately, I don’t have motion sickness.Jill Robins

The ride quality of the train was more bumpy than I expected.At some point it felt like a cross in between Planar turbulence And the left and right movement you feel A boat sailing in stormy water..

Fortunately, I didn’t have motion sickness, and as I got used to it, my movements became calm. However, it turned out to be a hassle for riders who are prone to nausea.

There was no Wi-Fi on board and half of the trip was without mobile phone service.

Texas Eagle side of Amtrak train

I took Amtrak’s Texas Eagle from San Antonio to Alpine.Jill Robins

I thought the train car had Wi-Fi, so I was surprised that I couldn’t connect to the internet.Most of the route went through us Texas remote areaSo I didn’t even have cell service for about half of my ride.

The lack of Wi-Fi did not interfere with my experience on this particular trip.But i I had a long ride Or a daytime trip.

In the future, I will download movies and ebooks in advance.

The next time you travel to Alpine, stick to driving.

Alpine, Texas Amtrak Sign

I arrived in Alpine, Texas, eight hours after I got on the train.Jill Robins

It was nice to take the train alone from San Antonio to Alpine, but it was a one-time experience for me. Next time I’ll drive, but I’ve found this to be an easier and faster option. Moreover, I don’t have to leave at midnight.

If you’re traveling with a partner, you might consider going on a scenic long-distance train journey, but you don’t want to ride a coach for more than 10-12 hours.

Amtrak offers sleeper fare ticket deals and specials, but the higher categories of accommodation I’ve scouted so far are quite expensive. Room prices range from about $ 230 to $ 640, which is higher than some flights, based on a search on the Amtrak website.

Helps to book train rides in advance as much as possible. I paid $ 47 for a coach ticket, but if I booked the route from the San Antonio route to the Alpine route more than two weeks in advance, the price would be as low as $ 34.

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