I tried burgers on Mark Wahlberg’s family chain and found out why fans couldn’t get enough access to the restaurant.

Mark Wahlberg and Wall Burger

Mark Wahlberg (right) and two of his brothers opened the Wallberger chain.Rachel Askinashi / Insider and SOPA Images / Contributors / Getty Images

  • Actor Mark Wahlberg and two of his brothers opened Wallberger in 2011.

  • With a recent road trip through Atlanta, I was finally able to try it myself.

  • I thought the food was impressive, but the decoration felt a gimmick.

Donnie, Paul, Mark Wahlberg

Donnie (left), Paul (center), Mark Wahlberg (right).Millet Asiert / Contributor / Getty Images


With a recent road trip ending in Atlanta, I had to test the chain myself.

Wall burger

I visited a place in Atlanta on a recent trip.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

As a result of the show and documentary, I’ve been hearing about this family concept for a while, but I haven’t been able to try it before. My expedition finished Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; And Atlanta.

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When I arrived at my final destination city, I noticed that the Wahlburgers location was just one block from the hotel. I couldn’t try it because it was too close, so at the end of a busy day, I walked to the bright green sign and was ready to eat.

The first thing I noticed about this restaurant was the face-to-face approach to branding.

Wall burger

Logos were everywhere.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

From family photos on the walls to merchandise installed at the entrance, I knew I was attending more than just a humble restaurant.

The bright green color scheme and hamburger posters are reminiscent of Shake Shack, while the Wallberger W logo is deliberately filled on all napkins, walls and menus.

The team also found a way to translate “Wahl” into another word, such as the beer ad “Wahlbrewski” or the product “Wahlgear.”

In addition to the use of their names, the Wallbergs were, well, everywhere.

Wall burger

I noticed that the brand is quite heavily inclined towards its famous founder.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

There are pictures of three men with and without a mother, a seemingly random “The Gambler” movie poster with only marks in the image, and which brothers each use the name throughout the menu. Showed whether to choose a meal.

If you want, you can order an Impossible Burger and eat it like a mark. I wanted a complete movie star experience, but I was a meat eater and was there to try the beef burger. So I went with Paul’s choice: our burger.

The restaurant looked a little awkward, but the food was something else.

Wall burger

The food I tried was delicious.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

I ordered a classic burger on the menu. It cost $ 11.95 and included beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and wall sauce (a chain version of fast food-a classic pink sauce often referred to as a special sauce).

As soon as I chewed the burger, I noticed that the patties were juicy and flavorful. I personally like pickles, so I thanked the thick-sliced ​​discs with rich dill. My burger contained a piece of tomato, which was thick enough to provide both taste and texture.

I thought the cheese melted well, but I couldn’t pull the string as usual. Five Guy Burger To do.

I thought there was room for improvement when it came to lettuce — my burger green was supple and a little sticky.

The distinguishing feature of this hamburger was bread.

Wall burger

Over-buttered bread prevented it from sticking.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

The bread used for this sandwich was fluffy and had a rather sturdy outer shell that wouldn’t break under the weight of the grip.

But the inner surface soaked in butter was just as impressive.

When I cut the hamburger in half, I saw a yellow layer about 1/4 inch thick that had soaked into the sponge-like bread. It was a layer of butter that was used to help bake the bread and create a kind of seal to keep the burger and topping juice between the halves rather than the inside. It worked, and my bread never got soggy.

In my opinion, my burger had french fries.

Wall burger

I thought the french fries were decent, but they weren’t very flavorful.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

Wahlburgers offers classic shoestring style french fries that I found to be absolutely amazing. The outside was a little crunchy and the inside was almost soft. The texture was good, but the taste was pale.Potatoes The texture is reminiscent of Wendy’s, and the flavor is reminiscent of Burger King...

After all, I wasn’t forced to eat all the last ones as usual.

In addition to delicious food, it was good to have two dining corners with different atmospheres.

Wall burger

I sat in the bar with some other diner.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

Half of the restaurant looked like a regular fast food and casual dining restaurant, and the other half had a well-stocked square bar and high-top table.

I decided to sit at the bar and order beer. Because that’s where the other diners were. The lower seats looked like a child-friendly section, while it looked like an adult area.

The result is a mashup-like space. Shake shack And the sports bar at the airport.

After tasting the food and absorbing the environment, I understand why someone chooses these burgers over other solid competitors: they are big fans of Wallberg.

Wall burger

The brothers seemed to be the cornerstone of the restaurant brand.Rachel Askinashi / Insider

This meal didn’t make me feel greasy. I didn’t get overloaded or walk hungry yet. I was happy and immediately respected the need for burgers and beer.

Would you like to step into a wall burger instead of McDonald’s? of course. But do I step into a wall burger instead of a bar? Unless I’m a big fan of Mark, it probably isn’t.

The food was excellent and the employees were kind and friendly, but I was a little worried about chewing the burgers with the three Wallberg brothers staring at me through the many perches on the wall. It felt more like a celebrity-themed amusement park attraction than a restaurant or bar.

But hey, if it’s in your alley to eat between heroes on your screen or on stage, take it!

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