I tried diet cola with a popular coffee creamer in Utah, but considered ordering instead of coffee at a restaurant

I tried the popular TikTok viral drink in Utah.

Insider Maria Noyen tried the popular TikTok viral drink in Utah.Maria Neuen / Insider

  • I live in the UK and usually start the day with homemade or store-purchased coffee.

  • As I scrolled through TikTok, I found that mixing coffee creamer and diet cork was Utah’s staple.

  • I tried it for the first time and loved the balance of sweet and spicy taste.

Like many others, I tend to start the day with a cup of coffee.

Lech tour.

Coffee and pastries are a great way to start your day.Maria Neuen / Insider

I’ve spent most of my life in the UK, but I’m convinced that starting a day with a cup of coffee is a standard routine in most parts of the world.

Whenever I’m at home, I’m particular about brewing coffee at Cafe Thiers, but when I want to treat myself, I jump out to get a cappuccino at a local cafe.

While scrolling through TikTok, I saw users claiming that mixing coffee creamer and diet cola was popular in Utah.

According to TikTok, a mix of coffee creamer and soda is a Utah staple.

According to TikTok, a mix of coffee creamer and soda is a Utah staple.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images, Scott Olson / Getty Images

Until recently, I didn’t know how popular diet corks with mixins were in Utah. I came across a video by a user while scrolling through TikTok @toponlinefindsReplying to a comment left by someone, with over 2.4 million followers, she Her diet cola coffee creamer In another video she Uploaded on January 20th..

“People were very confused and very shocking to me,” said a user who didn’t use her name on TikTok with over 627,000 views on a clip uploaded on January 28th. It states that it was recorded. “If you’re from Utah or have visited Utah, it’s as common as drinking water there.” They didn’t immediately respond to insider’s request for comment.

Not from Utah, I wanted to know more.

Utah has a large Mormon population. Coffee is banned in religion, but caffeine soda is not.

An overview of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah.Daniel Slim / AFP via Getty Images

according to World Population Review, Utah recognizes that nearly 70% of people are Mormon. This explains why few people drink coffee because it is banned by religion.

According to the BBC, soda was later allowed The church reversed that position About the ban on cold caffeine drinks in 2012. As of today, hot caffeine drinks are still banned.

since then, “Dirty soda” Utah outlets have increased.These stores used to be “Mor Monster Bucks” Insiders have previously reported that they will sell flavored syrup-spike soda, according to the New York Times.

The recipe for TikTok by @toplinefinds is simple, but it was difficult to find some ingredients at a local grocery store in the UK.

I replaced my usual coffee recipe (right) with diet cola, creamer and lemon.

I replaced my usual coffee recipe (right) with diet cola, creamer and lemon (left).Maria Neuen / Insider

The recipes shared by @toponlinefinds are:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pebbles ice or coffee mate liquid coconut creamer in my local store.Fortunately, I visited before American food store in London Here I got some French vanilla powder coffee creamers from my coffee mate. So I ended up doing it with regular ice cubes.

I started by turning the powdered French vanilla coffee mate creamer into a liquid.

1/4 cup of powder creamer was mixed with an equal amount of boiling water.

1/4 cup of powder creamer was mixed with an equal amount of boiling water.Maria Neuen / Insider

If you are based in the United States or have a liquid creamer at home, skip this step.

To turn a powdered French vanilla coffee creamer into a liquid, all I had to do was pour an equal amount of boiling water into the powder. In the TikTok video, users don’t seem to pour much creamer, but just in case, they decided to use 1/4 cup of powder and 1/4 cup of boiling water.

After confirming that the powder was melted, the hot liquid was cooled for 15 minutes.

Make sure the powder is dissolved in hot water.

Make sure the powder is dissolved in hot water, then let it cool.Maria Neuen / Insider

When I mixed the powder with hot and humid water, it smelled like heavenly French vanilla.

When it is fully melted, let it cool for about 15 minutes so that it does not melt immediately even if you add diet cork.

Next, I put ice in a glass and poured diet cork.

Diet cola and coffee creamer

I didn’t have pebbles ice, so I had to do it with regular ice cubes.Maria Neuen / Insider

When the coffee creamer had cooled sufficiently, I put ice cubes in a tall glass and poured it into the diet cork. To be honest, I’m a regular coke fan, but I’m particular about viral recipes to convey my true thoughts.

With pebbles of ice, this would be more professional, but after all, ice is ice.

Next, I added a creamer and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Freshly squeezed lime is apparently a must-have for this drink.

Freshly squeezed lime is apparently a must-have for this drink.Maria Neuen / Insider

According to TikTok users, fresh lime is a must, so forget about using freshly squeezed lime juice that may be in the fridge.

To add a little spice, I put a lime wedge in the drink.

Finished product.

Finished product.Maria Neuen / Insider

There was no pebble ice, but I wanted to slice the lime wedge and add a little fantasy to this version of the drink.

The final product was very similar to ice latte, but without lime wedges.

Then it was bottom up. And to be honest, I was a fan.

I'm a serious fan of soda and coffee creamers.

I’m a serious fan of soda and coffee creamers.Maria Neuen / Insider

Full Disclosure, I’ve never had this drink before because I have a little sweet teeth, but I wondered if I would be a fan. And I was — it was sweet, but overwhelmingly not. If anything, it reminded me of a bit of vanilla coke, except for the squeezed lime mixed tang.

I enjoyed the combo so much that I got in the way of my boyfriend while he was working to get him to take a sip. Like me, his reaction was “I’m a fan.”

I don’t think I’ll ever make it at home again, but if I see this drink on the restaurant menu, I’ll probably order it.

Diet cola and coffee creamer

Maria Neuen ordered this drink at the restaurant.Maria Neuen / Insider

Even if you really enjoy this drink, you probably won’t change your coffee every day.My main reason is that I know there are some scientific studies that suggest it. Not the healthiest drink Selected and associated with causing tooth decay and kidney damage after long-term consumption.

That said, I support everything with a reasonable mindset. If diet cola (or regular cola) and creamers are all the rage in the UK, I definitely wouldn’t say no to ordering it at a restaurant.

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