I tried Ina Garten’s chocolate cake, which she said “makes an adult man cry,” but a simple dessert takes very little time to make.


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Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

Recently, I made Inagaten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

  • Ina Garten once said that her mocha chocolate ice box cake was so delicious that it “made a grown-up man cry.”

  • Garten’s recipes include cheese, coffee, kahlua, and Tates Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies.

  • It takes almost no time to make, but there are 10 layers of delicious cakes, which is very impressive.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have created over 12 InaGarten recipes.

Inagaten Lemon Pasta

With Aina Garten’s lemon pasta. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

NS “Barefoot Contessa” star is my biggest inspiration The kitchen became comfortable and taught me various delicious (but easy) things. pasta, breakfast, When Cocktail recipe.

Under Garten’s guidance, I made everything from The perfect cosmo anytime NS Five cheese penne It can warm you on the coldest nights.

Still, for the last 16 months or so (what time is it?), I haven’t tried one of the Garten desserts.If Cooking was a new world for me, Then baking was another universe. Dessert wasn’t my specialty unless I counted to follow the instructions behind the Funfetti mix.

But then I came across an interview with an old Garten who changed everything.

Garten once said that her mocha chocolate ice box cake “makes a grown-up man cry.”

Ina Garten

Garten called the Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake one of her go-to recipes. Nathan Congleton / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversa / Getty Images

In an interview with Epicurious, “Barefoot Contessa” star explained why Mocha chocolate ice box cake It was one of her reliable recipes.

Garten revealed that she was first inspired by a “great caterer” friend. He told her that his simplest recipe was a cake of whipped cream and Nabisco chocolate wafers layered on top of each other.

“I thought it was a very good concept, so I thought I’d do it with something more interesting,” she said. “So I took Tate’s chocolate chip cookies and added kahlua and cocoa powder. I made it into mocha whipped cream and then put them in the fridge, and the grown-up man cried. “

“It takes five minutes to make everything,” she added. “And when you’re entertaining, it’s easy because you make it the day before.”

It’s a delicious cake that makes men cry, but was it still so easy to make? I knew I needed to end my self-imposed baking ban and give Garten’s recipe a chance.

Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake contains cheese, coffee and cookies.

Inagarten Mocha Ice Box Cake Ingredients

The cake also contains kahlua, cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

To make a cake at home, you need the following:

  • Tate’s Bake Shop 3 (8 oz) package of chocolate chip cookies

  • 12 oz Italian mascarpone cheese

  • 2 cups of cold cream

  • ¼ cup kahlua spirit

  • ½ cup of sugar

  • 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 1 teaspoon of instant espresso powder

  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

  • Semi-sweet chocolate (for garnish)

If you can’t find Tate’s Bake Shop in your local supermarket, Garten is recommended Instead, use another thin, crisp chocolate chip cookie in your recipe.

First, I put almost all the ingredients in a bowl of an electric mixer.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake Cocoa

Garten’s recipe has only a few steps. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

Following Garten’s recipe, I added heavy cream, mascarpone cheese, sugar, kahlua, cocoa powder, espresso powder, and pure vanilla extract.

Then it was time to mix.

Mixing Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

I started the electric mixer at low speed. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

I used my parents’ electric mixer whisk attachment and started it at low speed to combine all the ingredients.

Slowly speed up until the mocha whipped cream formed a hard peak on the whisk attachment.

Mixing Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

It only took a few minutes to pack the mocha. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

And just like that, my stuffing was ready!

It was less than 5 minutes, so I was already making a cake.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake Cookie Layout

I started by adding a layer of chocolate chip cookies to the bottom of the pot. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

First, I covered the bottom of an 8-inch spring foam pan with a layer of chocolate chip cookies.

Garten says it’s important to cover the bottom of the pot as much as possible and break some cookies to fill the space.

Then I added the first packed bed.

Stuffing Inagaten's Mocha Ice Box Cake

Spread one-fifth of the mocha whipped cream over the second layer of cookies. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

According to Garten’s recipe, I spread one-fifth of the mocha whipped cream evenly over the cookies.

I put another layer of cookies on it.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake Cookies and Filling

I broke a cookie fragment to fill the layer. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

As Garten instructed, I made sure the cookies were flat and touching, and split more pieces to fill the layers as much as possible.

I kept switching between cookies and mocha whipped cream until I had 5 layers each, and finally I put the cream layer on top.

The whole process was very simple and much more subdued than my youthful baking attempt. Barely 10 minutes have passed and it’s almost done.

The top of the cake was smoothed with a spatula and covered with plastic wrap.

Inagaten mocha ice box cake with wrap

I covered it with plastic wrap before putting it in the refrigerator. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

Then I threw the cake into the fridge and left it overnight.

The next day, I carefully removed the cake from the pot and added the final decoration.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

I decorated the cake with chocolate shavings. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

Before removing the sides of the pot, I hung a knife on the outside of the cake.

Next, I took a bar of semi-sweet chocolate and used a vegetable peeler to create a pile of chocolate shavings and sprinkled it over the entire edge of the cake. What is the key to getting those nice curls? Please proceed slowly and steadily with a peeler.

After decorating, I returned to admire the first cake I made in a few years.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

The garten recipe was very simple, but the cake was still impressive. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake was so easy to make that it never even came out of the box!

And the cake was great. Mocha whipped cream is a pleasant light brown shade, with chocolate shavings giving the cake a special decorative touch and an even nicer pop colour.

When I cut the slices, the cake was even more impressive.

Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake Slice

You can see all 10 layers in every slice. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake has a total of 10 layers, each clearly visible in nice large slices.

Chocolate chips from Tate’s cookies are also scattered throughout, attractively dripping throughout the layers.

It’s time to dig down! And the garten mocha chocolate ice box cake was absolutely delicious.

Aneta and Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

I loved Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

When I first saw the garten cake recipe, I thought it tasted like tiramisu because it contained a lot of the same ingredients. However, mocha chocolate ice box cakes are definitely denser than classic Italian desserts. It was surprisingly durable thanks to the cookies, and it tasted much richer and buttery than originally expected. I thought cookies carry mocha whipped cream very well, and I loved the chocolate chips I got with almost every bite.

Garten claims that this cake makes a grown-up man cry, so I knew I needed to have my dad try the piece. And while he didn’t shed tears, he thought the cake was delicious — he wished he had more Kahlua to kick it more.

What I liked most about Garten cakes was that the longer they were kept in the fridge, the better they actually tasted.

Layer-cut Inagaten Mocha Ice Box Cake

Definitely remake Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake. Aneta Constantinides / Insider

It took my family a few days to complete the Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake, and every day we really loved it more and more. Consistency is similar to frozen pepperridge farm cakes available in grocery stores, but with a much more exciting taste.

Overall, I think Garten’s recipe is a great dessert. It’s freshly baked and can be eaten cold, so it’s a hassle to use the oven, and it’s perfect for hot days when you don’t want a thick layer of chocolate. Still, it’s decadent and buttery enough during the winter. When I see this at a holiday party, I definitely don’t say no.

But the best thing about garten cakes is that they are very accessible, just like common recipes. Whether you’re making this with a kid or have kid-level baking skills (well, I), this is one of the easiest desserts you can make from scratch.

And who knows? Maybe it really makes some grown-up men cry.

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