I went to a date nightspot in Los Angeles for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, but it wasn’t the flashy restaurant I expected.

Giorgio Bardi's Aneta, Giorgio Bardi's Gnocchi

I went to the Los Angeles restaurant Giorgio Bardi, where Kim Kardashian took Pete Davidson on a date.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

  • I went to a restaurant in Los Angeles where Kim Kardashian recently took Pete Davidson on a date.

  • Giorgio Baldi’s is a celebrity hotspot along the beach, but it’s not surprisingly flashy.

  • I tried both Kardashian and Rihanna’s favorite pasta — and Rihanna’s pasta was much better.

The romance of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson has been making headlines for weeks, and they definitely bowed on the night of their recent date in Los Angeles.

Pete Davidson will attend the 2021 Met Gala and Kim Kardashian will attend the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards.

Pete Davidson will attend the 2021 Met Gala and Kim Kardashian will attend the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards.Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage, Theo Wargo / Getty Images

The couple was found in an Italian restaurant Giorgio Bardi November 21st, one customer US Weekly They said, “I was hugged and comfortable.”

“When they first entered, the restaurant kept a sort of silence,” sources added. “But no one really paid attention to them.”

I was thinking of an even bigger question while everyone was discussing whether Davidson really had a fresh Hicky around his neck during the date.

What does Giorgio Bardi really like, and why are A-listers obsessed with it?

Kim Kardashian is just one of many celebrities who can see pasta and wine in Giorgio Bardi.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

Justin and Hailey Bieber will be seen on April 2, 2021 at the Italian restaurant Giorgio Bardi in Los Angeles, California.007 / Photographer Group / MEGA / GC Image

Giorgio Bardi is hidden right next to the beach where Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades meet. If the true star power and the paparazzi that followed did not pass through the restaurant’s characteristic green hedge, it would probably pass by and be completely missed.

Davidson took Kardashian to his favorite New York restaurant At the beginning of November, she gave back. The reality show star tweeted about her love for Giorgio Bardi in the past. We call it “the best restaurant ever”. Kardashian Kanye West was also found there – Who is he Apply for divorce From February — so it’s definitely one of her go-to dating spots.

However, no restaurant fan is as big as Rihanna, who loves Giorgio Bardi so much, so she is known to eat there three times a week.

Rihanna of Giorgio Bardi

Rihanna will be seen on March 28, 2021 in Giorgio Bardi, Los Angeles, California.MEGA / GC Images / Getty Images

Elena Bardi, daughter and manager of Giorgio Bardi, New York Times In May, Rihanna has been in the restaurant since she was 18 years old.

“I remember when she couldn’t even drink,” Bardi added.

Rihanna is often photographed when she leaves the restaurant, where she also interviews. The singer has three favorite dishes (I’ll talk more about this later), and she said Rolling stone That she bought a Pacific Palisades house She may be in the delivery zone of the restaurant..

Rihanna’s love for Giorgio Bardi was so deep that Drake shouted in 2018 in his song “Diplomatic Immunity” that “Cateline is Robin’s favorite of Giorgio Bardi.”

But what about going to Giorgio Bardi when you’re not a billionaire reality TV star, a billionaire cosmetologist, or Pete Davidson? I decided to find it.

I went to Giorgio Bardi on Friday night and was surprised to get a reservation at 6:30 pm after calling just a few days ago.

Giorgio Bardi's Aneta

Giorgio Bardi’s me.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

True Jeremy Strong Spirit (If you know, you know), I decided to go the full “way” for this experience. I wore black Kardashian clothes and took my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s name happens to be Peter.

This is a journalism initiative.

The first thing that surprised me at this restaurant was basically the hiding place.

Giorgio Bardi

The front of Giorgio Bardi.FG / Bauer-Griffin / GC image

When our Lyft pulled up to an eerie quiet street, I immediately checked the app — I suspected I had entered the wrong address. As we saw at the celebrity hotspot Catch LA, the long lines did not meander around the blocks. Located in front of the Boa Steakhouse — Where TikTok’s biggest stars go every day.

“In 1990, the place was so far away from everything that it was considered one of the worst places ever,” Bardi told the Times.

However, it is clear that Giorgio Bardi is a restaurant that incorporates delicacy. Its frontal front is almost completely covered with well-arranged hedges. There is only the full name of a small but elegant cursive written on one side of the building. The “GB” above the door is even more modest.

The space is also very intimate and very romantic.

Giorgio Bardi's Patio

Giorgio Bardi’s tent patio.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

In addition to the bustling backyard illuminated by fairy lights, Giorgio Bardi’s tented patio has several tables and a small dining room.

I thought Kardashian’s favorite Italian restaurant was flashy, but Giorgio Bardi is cozy. The interior walls are painted turquoise, making you feel like you’re near a small coastal town in the Mediterranean and Nicholas Sparks movies.

The waiters welcomed us at “Buona Serra” as the freshly baked bread and olive oil were immediately brought to the table.

Interior of Giorgio Bardi

Giorgio Bardi’s dining room.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Thanks to the open kitchen, the energy in the restaurant was high, providing a consistent, sizzling soundtrack where the meat hits a hot pot. But the room was much smaller than I expected. The tables were so close that I remembered a small Italian restaurant in West Village, New York City.

However, Giorgio Bardi still has a sense of privacy, largely due to the dim lighting. I found out why celebrities came here and ran away and wanted to eat (relatively) peaceful pasta.

Baldi told The Times that treating everyone the same is part of his father’s philosophy and part of the philosophy she maintains.

“I sat at a really crappy table with people, a lot of people,” she said. “But I’m like,’OK, I don’t know who you are! Anything.'”

I was trying out four different plates of pasta, so I decided to start with an artichoke salad.

Giorgio Bardi Artichoke Heart Salad

Giorgio Bardi’s Calchofin Salad.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Giorgio Bardi’s Calchofin Salad contains sliced ​​raw artichoke hearts with sweet fennel, green onions, pecorino cheese and lemon sauce.

The salad presentation was elegant, with chopped green onions adding color all at once. Cheese is the protagonist of the plate, and large, thin slices of pecorino add a strong and delicious salty taste to the vegetables.

The sauce is also bright and fresh. Peter liked that it gave the dish a “really nice spicy flavor” and each bite of the salad was light and refreshing-always perfect for appetizers.

Next up is Kardashian’s favorite pasta, a $ 30 plate of homemade ravioli that’s on Giorgio Bardi’s menu right from the start.

Giorgio Bardi's Agnolotti

Agnolotti pasta is Cardassian’s favorite dish in Giorgio Bardi.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Kardashian is a big fan of Giorgio Bardi’s Agnolotti (stuffed with sweet white corn and sprinkled with white truffle sauce), so he defended it on Twitter.

Someone took a screenshot of a photo that Kardashian shared about pasta in her Instagram story in 2018, and it became viral in 2020.

Our Agnolotti plate definitely looked cleaner than the Kardashian one, but I was surprised at how small that part was. Maybe I’m used to an Italian restaurant that offers a bowl of pasta big enough to feed a small village, but there were only 18 small ravioli on the plate.

However, the food was wonderful and light. The pasta wasn’t as creamy as I expected and I didn’t taste much corn, but the sauce was delicious and unique. Bardi told the Times that his mother Roberta, Giorgio’s widow, came every day to prepare pasta sauce, and Agnolotti definitely had its authentic homemade taste.

I also tried some of Rihanna’s favorite pasta.

Giorgio Bardi's Gnocchi

Giorgio Bardi’s homemade gnocchi, one of Rihanna’s favorite restaurants.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Rihanna is known for winning half-orders for all three of her favorite pasta. $ 23 homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, $ 23 homemade gnocchi with meat or gorgonzola sauce, and pasta pomodoro with basil. menu.

We could order all three and loved all Rihanna pasta more than Agnolotti. Excuse me, Kim!

The gnocchi in the photo above looked beautiful with rich meat sauce and plenty of Parmesan cheese. I’m usually not the biggest fan of gnocchi, but these tasted like small fluffy pillows. Peter thought the pasta was completely soft, and we loved the sauce. I don’t think it’s normal to add minced meat sauce to gnocchi, but it was just light enough not to overwhelm the pasta.

But our favorite dish was Rihanna’s off-menu order, pasta pomodoro.

Giorgio Bardi's Spaghetti Pomodoro

Rihanna’s favorite pasta pomodoro is no longer included in the menu, but is still available.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

After three pastas, Peter and I were still really hungry. And the waiting time was much longer than expected, and it took more than an hour for the two pastas to come to the table.

So when this spaghetti heap plate appeared, we were very excited. And in the end, Giorgio Bardi did his best to the end.

“This may be the best red sauce I’ve ever eaten,” Peter said when he took his first bite.

It was the simplest dish I ordered that night, but the pasta pomodoro had a very deep taste. The sauce is sweet and goes great with delicious spaghetti. I would have enjoyed eating another plate of this.

After being so tasty, we needed something sweet — and creme brulee was the perfect choice.

Giorgio Baldi's Creme Brulee

The creme brulee was also delicious.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

“This is bigger than our pasta,” Peter shouted after our waiter brought a plate to our table.

And the creme brulee was as delicious as it was beautiful. When digging a spoon, the top made a satisfying crack, the dessert was completely creamy and vanilla-like, and of course stuck to the traditional taste, but it could still be memorable. I did. I’ve probably eaten hundreds of creme brulee in my lifetime, but Giorgio Bardi still tasted special.

Definitely go to Giorgio Bardi, but probably skip Kardashian’s favorite pasta.

Giorgio Bardi's Gnocchi and Spaghetti Pomodoro

Order both pasta pomodoro and gnocchi again.Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Overall, what I liked most about Giorgio Bardi was the atmosphere. Unlike many of the Hollywood elite hotspots, it was a romantic atmosphere rather than a flashy one.

And I would love to try Giorgio Bardi’s Bran Gino (which was the night special we went to), or one of the huge meat dishes I often saw floating around the restaurant.

Kardashian and I may not taste the same pasta, but I have no objection to being able to have a nice date with Giorgio Baldi, especially with Peter.

But next time I’m sticking to Rihanna’s pasta order.

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