I worked as a flight attendant for two years. Here are 10 things you should never do on an airplane.

Airline passengers.

Doing any of these things will make the flight crew’s job difficult.Photo courtesy of Bob Riha / WireImage

  • I Flight attendant for 2 yearsAnd I really want passengers to stop doing certain things.

  • Going to the bathroom without shoes or leaving the bathroom unwashed can be a daunting task.

  • If you carry too much luggage, everyone’s life will be difficult and you will not be able to help lift the luggage.

I Flight attendant For two years on domestic and international flights, I took various actions by plane.

Read what you should never do on an airplane.

The life jacket under the seat is not yours

I didn’t think this would be a problem, but some people think life jackets are a souvenir.

Not only does it steal, it can also endanger the next passenger sitting in that seat.

Do not wash the toilet

Occupied washroom illuminated by plane

Everyone on board must use the same bathroom, so clean it up yourself.Natalia Piraeva / Shutterstock

If you’re not sure how to use the bathroom of an airplane, don’t be shy and don’t be shy to ask the flight attendants.

You don’t fly every day and there are lots of buttons. But don’t just walk away and hope no one notices.

airplane It’s a very small space. We usually have one bathroom in the front and two bathrooms in the back, so everyone can know that you didn’t wash.

It may be best not to take medications that sleep during flight

When I started flying in 2019, I noticed that the passengers were unconscious. I tried to shake him up, but he didn’t react, so I panicked and asked his colleague for help.

I was about to ask for a medical specialist on board or give first aid. However, the passengers were sleeping cars and seemed to be using sleeping pills.

You may not want to scare your crew by taking drowsiness medications on board.

If you bring too much luggage on the plane, it will make everyone’s life difficult.

Travelers will wait for their luggage in the Baggage Carousel at Miami International Airport in Miami on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Check for extra bags that are too heavy to carry.Wilfred Lee / AP

Some passengers Completely covered with sweat from carrying too many personal belongings, backpacks and carry-ons.

Checking your luggage and relaxing and stress-free walking on the plane is very easy.

Also, you may not always be able to find space for everyone’s bags, so you may need to check for extra items. If you are concerned about additional charges, ask the gate staff. If the flight is full, they are usually happy to check it out for free.

Do not drink personal alcohol on board

I’m catching people who are always drinking mini bottles of liquor.

Even if you think you don’t have a flight attendant around you, you’ll be amazed at how many other passengers contact you.

It is banned and is not worth the risk as it may ban future flights with the airline if caught.

Crew cannot help carry carry-on baggage into overhead bottles

Overhead bin

The bag should fit under an overhead storage rack or seat.Surachet Jo / Shutterstock

Sometimes passengers ask flight attendants for help lifting them Carry on In the overhead bin. However, that is not part of the flight attendant’s responsibilities.

If the bag is too heavy, it is advisable to check it.

Do not go to the bathroom when flight attendants are demonstrating safety

It’s okay to go to the bathroom before takeoff. However, when you see a flight attendant doing a safety demonstration, you have to sit down and wait until the seatbelt sign disappears.

If passengers wake up during a safety demonstration, they must stop, wait, and start from the beginning when they all return to their seats.

In case of an emergency, call the flight attendant. I’ll help you.

Be sure to wipe the seat back tray before use.

Airplane seat feet

Always wipe the tray.Nadezhda1906 / Getty Images

People might think they just put a drink on the seat back tray, but the person in front of you couldn’t sleep on it or use it to change baby diapers. ..

My airline is giving out a small amount of alcohol wipes during boarding for a reason. Just wipe the tray quickly when you sit down.

Never go to the bathroom without shoes

The bathroom is probably the dirtiest place In the plane.. And water is not the only liquid visible on the floor.

In addition, if you just wear socks, your socks will get soaked. Who wants it throughout the flight?

Don’t shut up when you feel sick

Airplane cabin where passengers are adjusting air settings in the cabin above him

It’s better to tell someone who can help you feel sick.Shutterstock

I had passenger I was crazy and had a panic attack, but I was shy and couldn’t tell anyone.

You do not have to deal with the pain and discomfort quietly on your own until you land. Always tell the flight attendants. There may be useful training and equipment.

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