I worked at Disney World for two years. Here are only 13 attractions worth your time.

Side-by-side photos of Kaley working at Hollywood Studios and a safari in the animal kingdom

I worked in the park and spent a lot of time visiting the park.Cary price

  • I worked at Disney World For two years, I have been visiting theme parks for the rest of my life.

  • Whenever I come back, I don’t wait for a ride, but I’m making time for People Mover and Safari.

  • I also love “Muppet Vision 3D”, “Frozen Ever After” and “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance”.

As Former Disney World employee For those who love to visit the park all the time, there are some attractions that must be done on the way home.

It could be for thrills, cute characters, smells (yes, I said smells), music, or pure nostalgia.

Please read for Vehicles and shows at Disney World It’s always worth the wait.

Don’t miss the latest rides on Hollywood Studios, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad

Kaley working at Mickey and Minnie

I had the opportunity to work on a ride for a while.Cary price

I may be prejudiced from my time Vehicle workHowever, I highly recommend Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, one of Disney World’s latest attractions.

This ride is something I’ve never experienced before and it’s all about the adventures that Mickey and his friends continue.

From the moment you enter the Chinese Theater to the moment you get off, you will be impressed every time. In addition, the ride quality varies depending on the seating location, so you can have a unique experience each time.

Star Wars: The rise of resistance is worth the hype — and wait

Disney fans shouldn’t be surprised that I include the Rise of the Resistance on this list. There’s a reason everyone is talking about it since it opened in 2019.

This is more than your average ride, it’s an 18 minute immersive experience, and the long waits are worth it. I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, but I’m always trying to ride it as much as possible.

Disney When it comes to immersive storytelling, themes and technology, it goes beyond this attraction.

I always make time to enjoy the thrills at Tower of Terror

Cary standing on Hollywood Boulevard at Hollywood Studios in front of the Tower of Terror

The boarding line is also cool.Cary price

The Tower of Terror is one of the most themed rides I’ve ever been to.

Employee costumes, chilling pre-shows, eerie cue decorations, and immersive stories make you feel like you’re actually taken to a haunted hotel. In addition to that, the ride quality itself is also very enjoyable.

I’m usually not the biggest fan of drop rides, but the tower stands out for many reasons. That’s something you always have to do.

“Muppet Vision 3D” is a nostalgic classic

To round up Hollywood studio Pick, I need to emphasize “Muppet Vision 3D”.

If you’re looking for a place to cool off the heat of Florida and laugh out loud, this is the perfect show for you.

The classic Muppets and the pre-shows with cool props and puns hidden around the room always make me laugh. It never fails to entertain me.

The first stop at Animal Kingdom is the Flight of Passage.

Remember when I said that I love some attractions Because of their smell? Flying passages in the Pandora area of ​​Animal Kingdom is one of them.

This vehicle makes you feel like you’ve been taken to a completely different world, far from Orlando, Florida. I will never forget the first time I got on it. I absolutely lost my word.

From open to closed, there’s always a reason for this vehicle to have long lines, which is definitely worth the wait.

Kilimanjaro Safari may be my favorite ride throughout Disney World

Kilimanjaro Safari Riding Kilimanjaro Safari Price in Disney World Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safari is in Animal KingdomCary price

Every time I go to Kilimanjaro Safari, it’s a completely different experience. You never know the animals you see, what they do, or what fun facts you learn from the driver.

Sometimes you may stop in a traffic jam because the animals are so close to the truck you are on.

This is my favorite attraction Walt Disney World Properties..

It’s a long experience that usually lasts about 20 minutes and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Expedition Everest is a thrilling ride with a great theme

Expedition Everest is beautiful in appearance and you can see the snow-capped peaks from several scenic spots around the Animal Kingdom, but it’s as breathtaking as passing the Yeti at 50 mph. ..

This ride has stunning views of the park, interesting inside stories, and the perfect adrenaline rush.

Disney There aren’t many thrilling rides, but Expedition Everest makes up for it.

Epcot is one of my favorite Disney mascots and is home to the Journey Into Imagination.

Cary before the trip to the imagination ride at Epcot Disney World

The ride quality is very nostalgic and healthy.Cary price

The trip to the Imagination with Figment is very underrated and can be very enjoyable.

It contains Figment, the cutest little character that shows you how much fun it is to use your imagination. Also, there is one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard.

If you’re looking for a nostalgic vehicle that will make you smile, be sure to check it out.

Frozen Ever After isn’t just for small kids

Freezing after after Epcot It’s very healthy. It’s really an interesting ride for all ages.

Elsa sings “Let It Go” and all of her favorite “Frozen” characters are playing cute songs.

I’m also always amazed at the technology behind the ride’s animatronics.

You won’t regret waiting for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy ratatouille Cary of the Epcot France Pavilion in front of the adventure sign

Attractions are the latest rides in Disney World.Cary price

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the latest ride at Disney World, reminds me of my absolute favorite Mickey and Minnie runaway railroads.

It ’s a very unique experience to be “reduced” Remy’s A size that runs through the kitchen of Gasteau. It works on a trackless system, so I don’t know what will happen next.

This is my new favorite and you may have to be patient to ride it, but it may be yours.

Magic Kingdom has many classic rides, but PeopleMover takes cakes

Kaley Price Riding PeopleMover at Disney World Magic Kingdom

It may not be thrilling, but People Mover is a classic.Cary price

There are many classic rides in Magic Kingdom, so it really depends on your taste. But my favorite attraction in the park is Tomorrowland’s PeopleMover.

This ride is perfect all day long and offers stunning views of Tomorrowland and Main Street USA.It is highly recommended to ride inside Fireworks show at night..

It’s also ideal for seeing behind the scenes at Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spins.

PeopleMover is very relaxed and rarely waits for a very long time. You can ride many times a day.

There is no such thing as the sound (and smell) of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Adventureland has it all. Not to mention the different characters, some creepies, lots of laughter, nostalgic scents (I like the scent of Disney), and finally the cute golden retriever.

It’s also a very classic ride at Disney World, so it’s a great experience for the first time in the park.

The Haunted Mansion is a cult classic attraction for good reason

Ride a photo of the Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Especially in the fall, I always try to ride the Haunted Mansion.Cary price

Like the Tower of Terror, I love the overall theme Haunted house.. I always ride when I go to Magic Kingdom.

Queues, pre-showrooms, employee costumes, and attention to detail in real vehicles are unmatched.

It’s also arguably one of the most famous attractions, and for good reason — it’s classic.

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