I worked at Disney World. Here are 10 things I never buy in the park.


Casey Clark poses with a drink at Disney World

I was involved in merchandising at Disney World. I have an annual pass.Casey Clark

  • I work at Disney World and I visit a lot, but there are a lot of things Guest wastes money..

  • You can’t rationalize buying a heavy hat in Florida or dropping nearly $ 4 in bottled water.

  • I I’m not a fan of buying Either an expensive bubble wand, character socks, or an M & M in the park.

I always bring my own water bottle, so I never buy a water bottle.

Disney World Water Bottle Refrigerator

Water bottles are expensive in the park.Casey Clark

If you want to spend $ 3.50 on bottled water during your vacation, be my guest. But I don’t buy water in the park.

It’s a waste of money, especially since you are allowed to bring your own bottle.

The old-fashioned trick is to ask for a water cup at a quick service location, but frankly, I don’t like the taste of the water. Instead, buy a few cases of water on the way from the airport and backpack around the park.

It saves me money and keeps me hydrated in the heat of Florida.

I can’t catch me spending nearly $ 40 on M & M.

Disney World Mickey and Minnie m & amp; ms

There is nothing special about M & M.Casey Clark

I’m usually the one who justifies spending an exorbitant amount on something like Mickey Mouse. But M & M is where I draw the line.

I was walking in the main street candy store Magical kingdom One day, I came across an M & M in a Minnie Mouse container for $ 39.99.

The price is exorbitant and destined to melt in the heat of Florida before eating.

It’s better to buy candies at the gas station on your way home.

Bring your own pen or ask an employee for a pen.

Disney World souvenir felt-tip pen

I always have a lot of pens at home.Casey Clark

When you want a sign From Disney charactersBring a pen from home.

Unless it’s a super-luxury ballpoint pen, I can’t justify spending more than $ 8 a piece in the park.

Professional Tips: Character Attendant (Expatriate) With the character), They usually have a pouch filled with oil-based pens that you can borrow for free.

If you expect it to rain, take your poncho and keep it dry.

Panchos and other merchandise sold at Disney World

Everything you can get out of is more expensive in the park.Casey Clark

Never forget the shift in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasy Land, where there was a storm and guests flooded the shops that worked for Poncho.

Children’s ponchos are $ 10 and adult ponchos are $ 12 in the park. That said, I never buy. Disney world..

Before traveling, I usually go to a discount store and get some cheap ponchos or bring a small umbrella.

There are so many delicious treats at Disney World that you never choose sugar cookies.

Sugar cookie kit for sale at Disney World

I like some of the more original treats.Casey Clark

With so many delicious treats at Disney, the sugar cookie kits that have been in the Emporium gift shop for days aren’t very attractive.

If you buy sweets, spend money on more original Disney treats like Doll Whip.

If you don’t want to pay $ 20, add flip-flops to your packing list.

Mickey Mouse flip flops for sale at Disney World

It’s not worth the price of a theme park.Casey Clark

If your shoes get wet, there’s no way to spend $ 20 on flip-flops. Moreover, as a big-footed person, you rarely find your size on the Disney World shelves.

Before my trip Get a cheap pair Available from discount stores or in Old Navy.

Florida parks are too hot to wear bear hats.

Bear hats for sale at Disney World

Disney sells bear hats at Frontier Land.Casey Clark

I don’t know you, but I’ve never worn a heavy hat on Disney World in the heat of Florida.

So you’ll never waste money on bear hats for sale at Frontier Land.

I think Minnie Mouse headbands and Mickey Mouse ears are far more practical accessories in the heat of Florida.

Save the Bubble Wand for a local carnival.

Mickey Mouse Bubble Wand for sale at Disney World

Some may disagree, but I don’t think Bubble Wand is worth it.Casey Clark

I am an adult, And Disney’s Bubble Wand costs $ 30, so maybe I’m biased towards this purchase. But even from what I witnessed with the kids in the park, the toys only keep distracting them for hours until they see the next light-up wand they want.

In addition, they can be very annoying to the people around you in the park (at least I think so).

If Bubble Wand is one that saves your child from having the tenth temperament tantrum of the day, go for it. But I pass.

For me, the odds of wearing funky character socks outside the park are low.

Disney character graphic socks for sale at Disney World

I try not to buy much things that are only used in the park.Casey Clark

It’s cool to have Chip and Dale in your socks when you’re at Disney World. But I haven’t found their usage in the real world.

As a kid, I bought a good percentage of graphic socks to wear in the park. Then they were left sitting in my luggage until my next vacation.

For about $ 10 in pairs, I would rather spend that money on shirts and jewelry that I wear all year round.

I don’t know who is buying the rocks at Frontier Land.

Rocks for sale at Disney World Frontier Land

They are just rocks and nothing special.Casey Clark

Inside the Frontier Land Trading Post, there is a large crate full of rocks.

The kicker is that they each cost $ 6.

I’m not a rock guy, but I’m still curious about who’s coming Disney world When you have a lot of cool souvenir choices, spend money on expensive rocks.

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