I worked in Sephora for 4 years, here are 10 beauty products I swear for perfect makeup

Writer Selfie; Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Dew Drops, Pink Pear-shaped Pump Bottle on White Background

From my time in Sephora, I have many favorite products including Glow Recipe Water Melon Gronia Synamide Dew Drop.Emma Fleece

  • rear I have been working in Sephora for 4 yearsI found some beauty products that are my holy grain.

  • Skin care items such as Glow Recipe Essence and ILIA Skin Tones will help you create the perfect base.

  • Fenty Beauty’s Gross Bomb and Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows work for so many people.

Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew Drop is the perfect start to a hydrated look.

Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew pumps into a pink pear-shaped bottle on a white background

Serum is made with niacinamide, which aims to reduce hyperpigmentation.Emma Fleece

It is important to condition and hydrate your skin. A good base to keep the rest of your makeup running smoothly..

I love the shiny look, and Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drop Make my skin look beautiful. It also prepares my face for makeup.

Incorporate SPF into your routine with this ILIA skin tone.

Two white bottles of ILIA skin tint with a white dropper and a tan band on a white background

ILIA’s skin tone contains ingredients such as niacinamide, squalane, and hyaluronic acid.Emma Fleece

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint My favorite colored moisturizer for beautifully shining skin.

It’s very important Protect your skin daily with SPF.. Using such products with skin care effects can also help improve the appearance of the skin in the evening.

I’m using shades Balos ST3 and BomBom ST5.

Makeup Forever Concealer is perfect for photography and everyday looks.

Two brightly colored concealers with black cap and bold text

If the concealer is too dry or too heavy, it can wrinkle and look like a cake.Emma Fleece

I think it’s important to have a good coverage formula that looks natural Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer.. It provides the perfect amount of coverage, has a natural finish and looks beautiful in photos and everyday makeup.

Use your concealer in the area you want A slightly wider range than skin tone and foundation Can be provided. I use shades 20-soft sand and 25-sand.

MakeupByMario’s cream bronzer and blush look perfect on my skin.

Text on the sides of two cream make-up sticks from

I love using cream blush and bronzer as usual.Emma Fleece

I recently fell in love with the creamy contours and blush look and feel. Cream products make your skin look very natural and perfect.

The Makeup with Mario SoftSculpt shaping stick And that Soft pop brush stick This is my favorite cream product.

The formula is dreamily blended and the powder can be layered on top to prolong the effect. Light medium and dusty rose shades are used.

Hooda Beauty setting powder helps keep my makeup lasting all day long.

Loose powder box with an illustration of a woman holding a makeup brush and a figure of where to put the product with instructions on a black label

Hooda Beauty Powder blurs and smoothes my pores.Emma Fleece

After using all of these shiny products, the last thing you need is a greasy look.

The goal is to achieve a natural and perfect look.so I Hooda Beauty Easy Bay Cruz Baking & Setting Powder Set the oily areas such as under the eyes and the center of the face.

This powder Helps blur and smooth poresCreate the perfect look and set the makeup. Use shaded cupcakes.

This benefit gel is a staple when trimming eyebrows.

Metal Benefit Brow with Pink

Benefit gel keeps my eyebrows fixed all day long.Emma Fleece

Eyebrows help edging the face, but I know They may be difficult to get right..

In my opinion, Benefits Gimmy Brow Tinted Volumetric Eyebrow Gel It is one of the easiest eyebrow products to use.

This product makes your eyebrows look richer and gives a very user-friendly and natural look. I’m using shade 4.

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eyeshadow formula is unbeatable.

A collection of drawer eyeshadow palettes where only the thorns are visible except the front palette. The front palette is pink with glitter and gold text that says

People have different tastes for eyeshadow.Amregy Palette

my Eye makeup preferences depend on the time I haveI often use a powder bronzer as an eyeshadow quickly and easily, where to go, what to wear.

But if you need to choose a prescription for my favorite eyeshadow palette, it will be that of Anastasia Beverly Hills. The brand’s eyeshadow formula is highly colored and easy to blend. There are also various palettes with beautiful color stories in the look of makeup.

If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer, use a concealer and a small amount of powder to prepare your eyelids so that the formula works even more effectively.

Moisturize your skin and condition your face with this spray of milk make-up.

Blue spray bottle with iridescent

Setting make-up can make a visible difference in the final look.Emma Fleece

Finishing the look with a setting spray makes all the differences in how you wear your makeup and helps to dissolve the powder product into your skin for a perfect look.

Milk make-up hydrogrip setting + refreshing spray One of my favorites is to moisturize the skin while making the makeup last longer.

I love this Lancome Rush Idol Mascara and can create volume without getting dirty.

A tube of gold and black mascara with gold text that says

It is important that the mascara is long and does not get stuck in your lashes.Emma Fleece

A small mascara that pops your eyes can be very helpful.I personally prefer to lengthen Lifting formula that doesn’t keep your eyelashes together..

My current favorite is Lancôme Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting & Volumetric Mascara I love brushes Eyelashes look great and don’t stain your lashes..

This Fenty Beauty lip gloss shade goes well with any look.

A light pink lip gloss pentagonal tube using

This luster is also made of hyaluronic acid and moisturizes the lips.Emma Fleece

Lips help to perfect any look, but I hate the feel of a dry, thick matte finish. When in doubt Shiny lips always make your lips look more plump..

My dependable lip gloss, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb The shaded FU $$ Y suits everyone and suits all facial expressions.

With the perfect hint of pink and moderate brilliance, it is non-greasy and just hydrates.

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