I worked on cruise ships for 6 years. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst rooms to book for your trip.

  • I worked on a cruise shiplearned that choosing the right cabin can make a big difference.

  • Staterooms vary in view and location, and each cruiser should choose the one that best suits their needs.

  • By avoiding certain staterooms, you can minimize outside noise, additional charges, and other inconveniences.

During my six years working for two different cruise lines, I learned how a cruiser’s cabin can impact the onboard experience.

Although he eventually became an entertainment host, he first started his career in guest services. Room Complaint Handling.

Here are the best and worst staterooms to book on your cruise.

The best rooms to book on your cruise

Lighthouse from cruise window

Ocean view rooms are only worth it if the windows are unobstructed.Sharon Waugh

ocean level cabin

  • If you are prone to seasickness, the middle of the ship, also known as midship, is best. This is the location closest to the water level. feel minimal shaking.

  • Smaller ships are more likely to feel swaying, so if you’re nauseous on the water, consider booking one of these rooms on a larger ship with over 1,500 cabins.

  • Passengers who suffer from seasickness should avoid sailing during the gradual hurricane season from June to November and traveling in rough waters such as the Drake Passage.

studio room

  • Certain cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Virgin Voyages offer single staterooms.

  • In the past, cruise companies have become solo cruisers pay a single surcharge, an additional charge for individuals staying in staterooms designed to accommodate more than one person. I have never seen a single supplement required for those staying in a single person studio or solo cabin.

  • Some cruise companies like NCL, near these cabins there is a lounge accessible only to those staying in single occupancy rooms.There, solo cruisers can mingle and enjoy social events Hosted by entertainment staff.

Port or starboard stateroom

  • Before booking a stateroom with a window or balcony, we recommend that you consider your ship’s route.

  • If you’re going down the scenic coastline in one direction, check which side of the boat you’re facing. That way, you’ll know if you should choose a port room on the left side of the ship or a starboard room on the right side of the ship.

Cabins Close to Popular Attractions

  • If you anticipate spending a lot of time in one location, such as a spa, pool deck or casino, we recommend booking a nearby stateroom or at least one stateroom on the same side of the ship .

  • As an entertainment host who often ran around the ship to host various activities, I found it much easier to move vertically than horizontally.

  • Having a cabin on the same side as your favorite attraction saves a lot of time, especially on larger ships.

Rooms by elevator

  • Those who don’t want to walk far or are physically unable to walk are advised to book a room closer to the elevator so they don’t have to travel far to get to the ship’s public areas .

  • All US-based cruises are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)travelers with disabilities should always check Layout, features and accessibility of each specific ship in advance.

  • Potential drawbacks: Being located near the elevator may be convenient, but the extra human traffic in the hallway can cause noise right outside your room.

Worst room to book on a cruise

underwater cruise ship

underwater cruise ship

Think about your priorities before choosing a room.Sharon Waugh

Staterooms Above or Below Downtown

  • Not all ships have noise issues, but when they do, those issues tend to come from the public areas rather than the other staterooms.

  • Please view deck plans before booking to ensure your cabin is not above or below the casino, buffet, galley, main theater, bar, gym, or pool decks. When I worked in guest services, noise complaints were common from people staying in private rooms near these busy areas.

  • Staterooms surrounded by other staterooms tend to be the quietest.If there is a noise problem, Guest Services Security can be sent to deal with noisy neighbors.

Room with unobstructed ocean view

  • Rooms with partially obstructed ocean views have windows that are at least partially obstructed by lifeboats.

  • Many people book it because it is a little cheaper than the ocean view room, Closed more than expected most of the time.

  • Heard a lot of complaints about ocean view rooms with lots of obstructions so I would suggest save your money To manage your expectations, luxuriate in an Interior Stateroom or an Ocean View Room.

cabin near anchor

  • for your cruise go to tenderportAvoid rooms near the bow on the lower deck, where the ship is moored on shore and carries guests in small boats.

  • crew cabin usually thereSo I am familiar with the loud clatter and clatter of anchors when they are lowered. This usually happens early in the morning.

room next to each other

  • Some cruise ships have adjoining staterooms with interior doors separating two adjoining cabins.This option is Convenient for families or groups traveling together We want to feel like we are sharing one big room.

  • Adjacent doors will remain locked for the duration of the cruise if you do not know who will be staying next to you. However, sound can travel much more than it does through walls.

A room that does not suit your personal taste

  • Introverts and people who need their own space Public areas are crowded and overwhelmingHaving a private space overlooking the ocean can be calming, so you should consider booking a room with a balcony.

  • Extroverts who want to spend most of their time doing activities and enjoying the ship’s features are unlikely to spend much time in the stateroom. get an interior cabinA lack of natural light can help you sleep better and prepare for the next day’s activities.

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