Ian strengthens hurricane status and moves towards Cuba, Gulf of Mexico


Hurricane Ian officially hit the western Caribbean on Monday morning and could affect Florida and central Florida later this week.

5am ​​update

Ian became a hurricane as it passed through the Western Caribbean on Monday. The impact on Central Florida could begin late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

23:00 update

The center of the Ian Track has moved east, a little closer to Central Florida.

The Florida Keys Lowlands have a tropical storm warning.

Parts of the Florida Keys are under storm surge watch and parts of southwestern Florida are under tropical storm watch.

8pm update:

Ian is getting stronger and more organized and the wind speed is now 60 mph.

It is now 430 miles from the western tip of Cuba and is beginning to move further northwest.

5pm update:

Tropical Storm Ian is still in turmoil, but is expected to intensify rapidly over the next few days.

The lower Florida Keys are under tropical storm watch.

As Ian moves into the eastern Gulf, uncertainty increases over its exact trajectory.

Overall, the track moved a bit east and closer to central Florida.

11am update:

Ian remains in a tropical storm with 50 mph winds.

There was no noticeable shift east or west on the newest truck.

The storm is expected to intensify rapidly as it approaches southwestern Cuba.

Ian is expected to reach hurricane conditions on Sunday, which could become a major hurricane by late Monday night.

Ian will have a big impact on Grand Cayman and parts of Cuba.

Parts of Florida will be affected by this storm next week.

Many uncertainties remain in long-term projections.

Jogging on both east and west tracks is still possible. That means it’s too early to tell if it’s a Panhandle storm, a Cedar Key storm, or a Tampa storm.

In any event, central Florida may be affected somewhat, but the magnitude of these impacts may vary.

Previous Story:

Tropical Storm Ian is expected to become a major hurricane as it approaches Cuba within the next 48 hours.

As Ian approaches, a hurricane warning is issued for western Cuba.

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There are still many uncertainties in the model once Ian moves north of Cuba.

According to the forecast, Ian is the major hurricane on the West Coast and will make landfall near the Big Bend Coast. Due to uncertainties, Ian’s impact on our region cannot yet be determined.

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Ian expected to affect Central Florida Wednesday and Thursday

Severe weather, heavy rains and the possibility of tornadoes are our top concerns.

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