Iceland is officially open to vaccinated American tourists, and its state airlines are rushing to launch cheap flights from the United States to attract visitors.


Iceland is open to vaccinated American tourists. Boyloso / Shutterstock

  • Icelandair is rebuilding its US route network as Iceland is open to vaccinated tourists.

  • Regular flights to Boston, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Washington DC are scheduled for May.

  • Americans only need a paper vaccination card to enter the country.

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Iceland is included as a potential destination for Americans during the summer of vaccinated travel.

Beginning April 6, travelers vaccinated from the United States will be admitted to Iceland with only a paper vaccination certificate from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was the first European country to open its doors to Americans without requiring visitors to be inspected or quarantined upon arrival, creating a potential boom in tourism and the country’s domestic airlines.

Icelandair has already strengthened its US network by resuming regular service to five cities in the United States in May, in addition to its current service to Boston. New York, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Washington, DC will be the first to receive direct flights again after many have been out of service for nearly a year.

Icelandair Chief Commercial Officer Birna Osk Einarsdottir is “optimistic” that airlines will return to full state of their U.S. destinations scheduled for 2021 in time for the summer travel season. is. Services to Portland, Oregon are already scheduled for July 1, and flights to destinations such as Orlando, Florida are scheduled for summer.

“Of course, we plan to return to full power as soon as possible in the largest market, the United States, but in reality, it could take a couple of years for the route network to return to its 2019 size,” Einarsdottir said. Told Insider. ..

Pent-up demand has also not pushed Icelandair’s prices too high when the country reopens. The new fare sale promises a low round-trip price of $ 349 to quickly increase tourists. The airline also exempts change fees to increase the flexibility of leaflets when traveling.

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Iceland does not currently require a “vaccine passport” to travel, and travelers can enter the country with just a paper vaccination certificate. However, some Icelandair destinations, including EU countries, want to implement standardized protocols and airlines are ready to accept them.

“If we can work together to find a common mechanism for this, it would be very good for the trip to resume,” Einarsdottir said.

The flagship company is not the only airline that has spread rumors about Iceland and is trying to get tourists to visit the land of fire and ice. Delta Air Lines is also resuming Icelandic services following the reopening of Iceland. The existing route from New York and Minneapolis to Reykjavik will be reopened in May, along with a new route from Boston.

American travelers have been successful in entering the country since March 18, when Iceland began accepting first-trained visitors. Andy Luten, one of the first American tourists to enter Iceland under the new rules, told insiders in March: Despite the ongoing pandemic, entry was surprisingly easy..

However, while vaccinated American visitors are easy to visit, Iceland is not as a stepping stone to mainland Europe as it once was.American citizens who do not reside or have citizenship in Schengen countries No more travel to Europe than Iceland, At least until the US and the European Union relax mutual travel restrictions

“Until then-Welcome to Iceland!” Einarsdottir said.

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