Ida predicts to blame the Gulf Coast as a hurricane over the weekend

NS The hurricane is expected to hit the southeastern United States this weekend as Aida, which was hit by a tropical storm on Thursday, travels over the Caribbean Sea.

Forecasters say it could land as a “major” hurricane somewhere between Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi by Sunday, but the effects of the storm will be more widespread throughout the region. .. Trucks may shift in the next few days.

“There is a higher than usual confidence that an intensifying tropical cyclone will move across the bay this weekend.” National Hurricane Center Said in Thursday’s recommendation.

Heavy rains, strong winds, storm surges, life-threatening waves and rip currents are expected in the Gulf region. Local civil servants warned residents to prepare.

Atlantic hurricanes that move as the peak hurricane season arrives and Unrisox moves northeast

The storm traveled northwest at about 13 mph on Thursday afternoon, with maximum wind speeds of 35 mph and was located about 115 mph southwest of Jamaica.

Ida was done Reach category 3 strengthAccording to the NHC, it will be a big hurricane as you approach the northern part of the Gulf Coast. Its development and projected path is similar to other dangerous storms in recent years.

Hurricane Katrina is a powerful Category 3, and Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm each when it landed in Louisiana in 2005 and Texas in 2017.

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The peak of the hurricane season is in full swing.

Earlier this week, a tropical cyclone, Henrik, struck the northeast and left damage. President Joe Biden He promised the city emergency funding and said the storm had been damaged.

Two other disturbances around the Atlantic Ocean have been monitored, and when they are strong enough, they are named Julian and Kate.

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