Idaho Murder Suspect Had History of Tracking Victims Before Murders and Was ‘Spooky’ To Women, Sources Say

Brian Coberger, suspect in Idaho murder at Monroe County Correctional Facility, Pennsylvania

This photo courtesy of the Monroe County, Pennsylvania Correctional Facility shows Brian Coberger.Monroe County, Pennsylvania Correctional Facility via Associated Press

  • Idaho murder suspect Brian Coberger was arrested Friday for the murder of four students.

  • Koberger allegedly tracked the victim’s phone prior to the murder, sources told the Daily Mail.

  • A local brewery owner told NBC that Koberger is known to be “creepy” with female employees.

Details have emerged about the relationship between the suspect and the victim of the murder of four Idaho college students.

Bryan Kohberger, 28, who is currently in prison in Pennsylvania, was arrested Friday on first-degree murder charges in the deaths of four University of Idaho students and one count of robbery. Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Morgen, 21, Zana Carnold, 20, and Cary Gonsalves, 21, were found dead in their home by two other roommates over a month ago. was done.

A Washington State University criminal justice graduate student who lives just miles from the crime scene was connected to the murder through DNA and his car. Officials told CNN.

But according to reports in the New York Post and Daily Mail, some people associated with the Pennsylvania native Koberger said he had a history of lashing out at women, and that he was a victim before the murder. They tracked him down and claimed he was careful to avoid the police after the killing. And this weekend’s NBC.

A source who is a cousin of a childhood schoolmate of Coberger’s Daily Mail reportedthe suspect is said to have tracked the phones of the four victims weeks before the killings.

After the murder, Coberger returned to Pennsylvania and stayed with his family. A Pennsylvania police officer was among those who tracked down Coberger leading up to his arrest. a source told the emailand observed that Coberger wore gloves every time he went to the local supermarket to avoid getting caught.

He’s also been described as “creepy” with women before, Jordan Serneck, who knows the suspect, told NBCCoberger was a patron of Seven Sirens Brewing Company, a brewery in Selneck in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Coberger wasn’t far from DeSales University, where he earned his master’s degree last year.

Coberger was flagged as having trouble at Seven Sirens after repeatedly complaining that female employees and customers were harassing him. It is said that he asked them if they were in the area and got angry when they didn’t respond. NBC.

Coberger also once called one of his employees a bitch for not responding to him, Serluneck said.

When he was a master’s student at DeSales, he reportedly studied feelings of the individual who committed the crime. Criminologist Casey Jordan told CNN It seems that Coberger was simply “crazy”.

“From the beginning, we had to understand that this was an organized killer,” she told the network.

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