Idaho will send a cease and desist letter to CEO MyPillow with a $ 6,000 invoice.This is the reason

Information three months after a state investigation disproved charges of fraudulent voting in Idaho by My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell Remains on Lindel’s website.. Idaho government officials want it to go away.

They also want to pay the state the money Lindel spent to prove that Lindel’s claim was wrong.

Secretary of State Denny and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden sent a cease and desist letter to Lindel on Tuesday. They asked Lindel to “quickly remove all false statements about Idaho’s elections from your website” and “refrain from making similar statements in the future.”

“Even though you know your remarks about Idaho’s elections are false, you haven’t deleted your” big lie “chart and continue to perpetuate your false remarks.” The letter said.

Idaho is also coming for Lindel’s purse. The letter demanded that the Secretary of State send $ 6,558.83 to cover the money he spent refuting his allegations. The office first announced plans to ask for payment in October.

A member of the Idaho State Assembly contacted Lindel by email, but did not receive a response as of Wednesday night.

As Trump lost the 2020 election, there was probably no voice other than Trump’s voice being louder than Lindel when it came to claiming that the election was “stolen.”

Pillow sellers built a website, sponsored a two-week bus tour, and sold pillows to spread the conspiracy theory. He launched a three-day “cyber symposium” last August, promising to present “irrefutable evidence” of China’s involvement in Biden’s victory. No evidence has ever been created.

And Lindel shows no signs of stopping his Crusades. Last week he told Real America’s Voice, a far-right streaming service., That he has enough evidence to put more 300 million people in prison For participating in the election. A Washington Post Analysis It said it would come to 1 in 26 people in the world. The math will trap nearly 29,000 people in the Treasure Valley.

Idaho is not the only one who wants to support Lindel’s false statements. Voting machine company Smartmatic Filed a defamation proceeding He insisted on Tuesday that the company’s machine was used for fraudulent elections.

Denny and Wasden raise an issue in a section of Lindel’s website that still lists that all 44 counties in Idaho participated in the fraudulent elections in 2020. Seven counties in Idaho, which Lindel claimed to be subject to electronic manipulation, pointed out that they would not use electronic voting.

A note from Lindel’s own “expert” letter is shown elsewhere on the website that he does not believe there was an election fraud anywhere other than Ada County, Idaho.

According to official Idaho results, 63.8% of the votes were directed to former President Donald J. Trump.However, Lindel claimed the president in a document titled “Big Lie.” State-wide election results 35,357 votes were electronically manipulated to switch from Trump to Joe Biden.

Idaho Government in response to Lindel’s widely distributed documents We conducted an election audit. To see if Lindel’s claim was beneficial, we chose three counties: Butte, Kamas, and Bonner. As a result of the investigation, a margin of error of 0.1% was found. The letter said, “It’s far below the alleged operation (Lindel).”

The letter tells Lindel that his fraudulent statement is “slandering” to Denny and the people who work for him.

“These false statements have hurt Secretary Denny’s reputation and exposed him to public intimidation, criticism and ridicule,” the letter said. “Your false statement has done the same harm to honest and hard-working civil servants and volunteers who supported the Idaho election process.”

Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck told Idaho MPs that these threats were posed to Denny and other Idaho election authorities through mail, email, telephone and face-to-face confrontations. Lindel’s supporters targeted their families and expanded office staff, he said.

“Some of our receptionists and election staff want to know how to attack patriots like Mike Lindell,” Hook said in a telephone interview.

Scott Graf, a spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney’s Office, said how long government officials were going to give Lindel to reply to the letter, and what they would do if he didn’t obey. Refused to comment.

Idaho wants to pay CEO MyPillow the cost of challenging fraudulent claims in fraudulent elections.

CEO MyPillow claimed fraudulent voting. Investigated by the Idaho State Election Office.This is the result