Identical twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States have similar personalities but different IQs.


Pairs of identical twins raised in different countries somehow developed similar personality traits, but their IQ levels differed significantly. Discovered in recent research.

In a study published in a journal Personality and individual differencesResearchers at Kookmin University in Seoul and California State University compared the characteristics of a woman raised in South Korea with the characteristics of her sister who grew up in the United States.

The sisters were born in Seoul in 1974, but separated from each other at the age of two after one got lost in the market.

At that time, the missing daughter was eventually adopted by an American couple, despite her parents’ efforts to find her.

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Adoption grew up without the knowledge of her siblings until she joined Korean Government Program It reunited the family. In 2020, she learned from the results of DNA that she not only has the same twins, but also her brother and sister.

Immediately after the program reunites The twins agreed to undergo a study that included a series of tests comparing their intelligence, personality profile, mental health and medical history.

The study explained that twins raised in South Korea live in a loving and harmonious family, and twins living in the United States shared their upbringing in regular conflicts and the final divorce of their adoptive parents. ..

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One similarity that the twins shared was their medical background, both of which had surgery to remove the tumor from the ovaries.

Based on IQ test results, American women are 16 points lower than their Korean siblings.

What made the survey results stand out Previous research For identical twins (twins raised apart), the average IQ difference was less than 7 points.

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“It’s amazing that the twins showed a substantial difference in cognitive abilities associated with strong genetic effects,” the researchers pointed out.

It’s unclear if their different upbringing affected such discrepancies, but researchers suggest that twins raised in the United States previously had three concussiones that affected her cognitive abilities. I pointed out that there is sex.

Another difference revealed by this study is that women raised in the United States had a more individualistic view, and South Korean-based sisters had more groupist values.

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Interestingly, their self-esteem test results and mental health profile were the same.

The findings showed that “the overall composition of the twin personality is similar and consistent with the literature on moderate genetic effects on adult personality.”

“It’s worth noting that both twins value integrity very much, which shows that they are both purposeful, well-organized, loyal, and striving to achieve.” Researchers say in their research.

The similarities between sisters’ temperaments, despite their different environments, highlighted how genetics plays a role in a person’s emotional nature.

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