Identification checks gun buyers in small steps, but Republicans still refuse

The recent shootings at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis once again wonder who is crazy. Millions of Americans vote for shooters who carry out these murders, or politicians who oppose the law that can prevent these tragedy.

Voters should know better, so I say I’m guilty of nothing else.

They should at least stop voting for lawmakers who oppose simple things like identifying gun buyers.

Shamefully, Republicans in the US Senate are blocking a recently passed House bill that requires stricter background checks. Despite the fact that 84% of US voters support requiring background checks on all gun buyers, according to a Morning Consult / Politico poll released in March.

According to CNN counts, the shootings that killed eight people and injured at least seven in Indianapolis were the 45th shootings in the past month.

In the first three months of this year, more than 4,500 gun deaths, more than 8,100 gun injuries, and at least 147 mass shootings occurred in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonpartisan research group. As an incident with at least four shooting victims. “

If you think this is a chronic problem that hasn’t changed over the years, you’re wrong: it’s getting worse all the time. According to the Gun Violence Archive, more than 19,000 people died in shootings last year. This is a record for the last 20 years, an increase of almost 25 percent over the previous year.

Earlier this month, President Biden announced several administrative steps to combat what he called “trendy and international embarrassment” of gun violence in the United States. However, the measures he announced are modest compared to his campaign’s promise to ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and large magazines and impose stricter background checks on gun buyers. was.

Indeed, Biden has significantly improved President Trump. President Trump has delighted the gun industry lobbyists and has fought safety measures to help stop the genocide.

But Biden’s current priority is to pass a $ 2 trillion infrastructure bill in Congress, in addition to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s unwise to fight many legislatures at once. Suggests.

On Friday, the day after the shooting in Indianapolis, Biden promised to “do more” to reduce gun violence. Government officials are urging voters to put pressure on Republican Senators to uphold an identity verification bill approved by the Democratic House of Representatives in March.

According to the Morning Consult / Politico poll, 84% of Americans who support stricter background checks include 91% of Democrats and 77% of Republicans.

Ideally, Congress should do more and pass a law banning semi-automatic firearms.

Gun Lobby’s argument that such a law violates the second amendment to the Constitution is ridiculous.

The Constitution states that Americans have the right to possess weapons, but do not say they have the right to purchase grenades or nuclear weapons. The Constitution also protects your right to freedom of speech, but does not give you a blank check for defamation.

But Debbie Mucarsel Powell, a senior adviser to the Gifford gun safety advocacy group and former Florida legislator, said that the top priority for reducing mass shootings was to get the Senate to pass a background check bill. Told to.

“The gun lobby tried to politicize it, which is similarly endorsed by Democrats, independents, and Republicans,” she said. “It connects everyone.”

Mucassel Powell, whose father was shot dead as a child in his hometown of Ecuador, added: “I can’t accept the lack of courage to act in the Senate. I can’t wake up every morning with news of another mass shooting.”

She may be right. After many years of Congressional failure to pass substantive gun safety legislation, it may be time to focus on modest but feasible goals.

And if Republican senators block it, Americans should remember their names and kick them out of Congress. Start with something as simple as identification — and start reducing bloodshed.

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