If Canada is committing genocide, how is that leader worthy of a leader?



Undoubtedly, the most accurate and perceptual analysis of the 2021 federal elections came from Canadian expatriates at Oxford University.

It was issued on Election Day, so it was too late to influence the vote, but it’s a must read for all Canadians from now until the next vote call.

“It must be one of the few democratic elections held by a country that is also genocide, with the approval of its own government (Mr. Trudeau’s government).” Yuan Yi Zhu wrote At UnHerd.com

“Very few” definitely meant “unprecedented in the entire history of genocide,” whether the yuan was democratic or not. Or at least since the term was coined in 1944 by Polish writer and Holocaust survivor Rafael Remkin. Which political leader campaign for voting of leader-approved people is the target of the eradication campaign?

Former Oxford University instructor and DPhil (PhD) candidate with a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, such a leader mea culpa so.

“The logical thing to do for a government that commits such a genocide is to surrender collectively to face a trial in The Hague, or at least resign with shame and shame,” he points out. To do.

Still, on August 15, the Prime Minister of Canada visited the governor-general, calling for the dissolution of parliament and the throwing of the country into a mid-pandemic vote at the end of the summer. His call came only 73 days after publicly reaffirming the declaration of a national investigation into the 2019 missing and murdered indigenous women and girls that “what happened is equivalent to a genocide.” I did.

“Mr. Trudeau … obviously doesn’t think that a mere genocide should prevent him from getting his third term,” Yuan pointed out in a conservative way.

Not only one is available, but this is a clear conclusion. Another possibility is that the racist violence that PM has given to indigenous peoples throughout our history has led to fears such as the disappearance and murder of indigenous women and girls, a true mass. It’s really unbelievable to constitute a slaughter. In that case, he would find support among prominent historians who oppose their own Canadian Historical Society, which claims that Canada is guilty of a genocide against its indigenous peoples.

Obviously, that would raise the question of why Trudeau actually believes in the opposite, but says “it’s equivalent to a genocide,” for example, “equivalent to a genocide.”

It suggests another possibility, that Trudeau says what happened to the indigenous people. teeth This is because we sincerely believe that genocide is “equivalent to genocide” (“quantity”?). But alas, he sighs and is a very busy prime minister, checking things from his to-do list every day. To the bottom again. There is always something more urgent.

like that? Now, taking one of many examples, Prochoice Conservative leader Erin O’Toole wants to secretly condemn abortion, or at least a malicious Tory candidate who does not disclose vaccination status aborts through parliament. Warn Canadians to sneak in. back door.

But if you accept it, why not? Another question is raised. Given that the Prime Minister controlled the timing of the elections and as a Liberal Party leader he had final approval on the agenda of his own party for the elections, why he said the warrant was “a big member of him. Ideas from Ships, Candidates, and Incumbent MPs “?

Genocide is genocide, and I think it will stop it. For example, one of two big ideas needed and sufficient for a short campaign. Pandemics are clearly other big ideas, but when trying to rank them, pandemics are public health panics, and genocide is the genocide implied by a nation with a defined population. So maybe the leader took it out of the box and said to his army: Selling at the front door can be difficult, but it’s called accountability, my fellow liberal. “

But strangely, when Canada’s first female indigenous justice minister, Jody Wilson Raybold, published a book detailing how Trudeau expelled her from the cabinet and then from the Liberal Party. Indigenous people’s concern was the emergence of a very short campaign.

But what are the boiling water recommendations for reserves? Indigenous mercury poisoning? poverty? Drug addiction? Are indigenous girls and women murdered and missing? You know, uh, the gritty daily details at the heart of the genocide equivalent? In the immortal words of Simon and Garfunkel: the sound of silence, my fellow Canadian.

Now, thank heaven to the Canadian expatriates who saw the game in progress and called it accurately and perceptually. Until the next election call, Yuan Yi Zhu’s words should be on all refrigerator doors, unless there is a tattoo on the back of the hand.

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Peter Stockland


Peter Stockland is a former editor-in-chief of the Montreal Gazette and co-founder of Convivium Magazine under the auspices of the think tank Cardus. He is also responsible for the strategic communications of the Acacia Law Group in Ottawa.