“If I have to do, I’ll take this all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Jerry West sits on the bench before the NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns

Jerry West is sitting on the bench at the Staples Center on October 21, 2017, before the match between the Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. (Je C. Hong / Associated Press)

Jerry West I couldn’t help myself.

Recent NBA legends Talked to former Times sports editor Bill Dwyer About the documentary film “The Dream Whisperer” about the incredible journey of West’s former Lakers teammate Dick Barnett.

However, West also took advantage of HBO’s “Winning Time” to make his first public comment on his beef.

West, 83, told Dwyer that he would attend the “Dream Whisperer” premiere at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival at 7 pm on Saturday at the theater complex at Baldwin Hills Clenshire Plaza.

According to Dwyer, West added that it’s great to see something accurate and positive.

Of course, it’s a reference to “time of victory,” which dramatizes and sometimes fictitious elements of the Lakers showtime era.

Last week West expressed his misery in the way he was portrayed in the series. Through a letter to HBO From his lawyer, Louis R. Miller.

“You replaced the real Jerry West (the perfect pro) with his exact opposite, and generally portrayed this lie as real,” the letter read. “That made you violate the law.”

The letter also demands the issuance of a withdrawal of Jerry West’s false depiction of Winning Time within two weeks from the date of this letter to mitigate the damages you have caused. Also, apologize to Mr. West. You are obliged to. In addition to your injured misrepresentation of his work and heritage, damages for the harm you caused to his well-earned and stellar reputation. “

The letter seemed to suggest that some legal action could be taken if those demands were not met, but West revealed in discussions with Dwyer that it was his intention. Confirmed to.

“The series made us all [the Lakers] It looks like a cartoon character, “West told Dwyer. “They despised something good. If necessary, take this to the Supreme Court.”

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..