If Russia attacks, NATO will respond “at full power”

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said NATO would respond “with all its might” if Russia attacked any of the territories of the alliance.

The incident triggered NATO’s Article 5, stating that an attack on one NATO country would be considered an attack on all allies. Said CBS News. Sullivan does not say how serious the attack needs to be to trigger provisioning.

“If Russia attacks, fires, and attacks NATO’s territory, the NATO alliance will respond,” he said, adding that the White House “has repeatedly made it clear that the United States will cooperate.” rice field. Our allies protect every corner of NATO’s territory, which means every corner. “

At the same time, Sullivan said, “The risk of expansion from nuclear power is serious and is a different kind of conflict than the other conflicts that Americans have seen over the years.” Sullivan also told CNN. “In today’s situation, the United States is not adjusting its nuclear position, but that’s what we monitor every day,” he continued.

The statement was made after Ukrainian officials accused Russian troops of bombing the Ukrainian Yavoriu military training ground, located about 12 miles from the Polish border. Officials said Sunday that at least 35 people were killed in the strike.

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Ukrainian soldiers are on alert on March 12, 2022, on the Irpin’ River, north of Kyiv. (Sergei Supinsky / AFP via Getty Images)

According to officials, more than 30 Russian cruise missiles have targeted vast facilities, which have long been used to train Ukrainian military personnel, often in the United States and other Western Alliances. There are instructors from the country.

Poland was also a transit route for western military aid to Ukraine, and strikes followed the Moscow threat of targeting these cargoes. Ukraine is not a NATO member, but Poland is.

The base hosts international NATO training, and NATO official Admiral Rob Bauer previously praised it as embodying the “spirit of military cooperation” between Ukraine and the international army. Thus, the site symbolizes Russia’s long-standing concern that a 30-member Western military alliance threatens Moscow by operating very close to its territory.

On Saturday, Russian officials warned that the transportation of weapons within Ukraine would be considered a legitimate target by Russian troops.

According to the state, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, “We are not only a dangerous move to pump Ukraine with weapons from many countries organized by them, but also a corresponding convoy. He warned the United States that it was an action to turn it into a legitimate target. ” News agency TASS.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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