If Russia moves further to Ukraine, Russia will face severe sanctions, says Jolly of Canada.

Foreign Minister Ottawa-Melanie Joly said she would join the allies to impose strict sanctions on Russian authorities if Canada took further military action to jeopardize Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Russia, along with tanks and other heavy artillery, deployed an army of about 100,000 across the Ukrainian border, arousing fear of aggression across Europe, but denied that Russia intends to do so.

“The recently launched diplomatic process offers Russia two options: meaningful dialogue or serious consequences,” Jolly said in Brussels on Thursday, European Union counterpart Josep. I had a meeting with Borrell.

“Of course, we thank the EU for its cooperation in many deterrence measures, including economic measures. Canada is ready to take additional steps, especially in the financial sector.”

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said he hoped Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine, but would pay a “dear price” for it.

Jolly and Borrell were pressured to agree with Biden’s statement that Russia’s “minor invasion” would lead to less reaction. Biden referred to non-military actions such as cyberattacks and sought to clarify comments if Russia launched a “change everything” military attack.

Borrell dismissed Biden’s wording as “nothing new” and said the allies would respond in a “very expensive way for Russia.”

“If there is any attack on Ukraine … President Biden’s warning is going in exactly the same direction we have been working on,” Borrell said. “Threat is a threat.”

Jolly noted that Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and instigated Russian separatist forces in the eastern part of Ukraine, responding: We are talking about the real threat of further invasion of Ukraine. So, in that sense, as my colleague just mentioned, threats are threats. “

Jolly will meet with NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg later Thursday to conclude the three-country tour, including stops in Ukraine and France.

Jolly didn’t say anything new about whether Canada would meet Ukrainian weapons and military hardware supply demands. She said she is considering “various options” based on the information gathered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week.

Joly’s trip unfolds this week against the backdrop of other high-level conferences across Europe.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in Berlin on Thursday with officials from Germany, France and the United Kingdom, a group known as the Transatlantic Quad, which plays a leading role in mitigating the crisis.

Mr Blinken was invited to a meeting of the EU Foreign Relations Council earlier next week, an EU spokesman said.

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