If the firearm lasts for 100 years, can the ban on assault weapons reduce killings?

6 days before a man is shot dead 10 people, He legally purchased a military gun used for the crime. One of the three recent mass shootings, the incident renewed the public debate over the ban on assault weapons in the United States, and the ban on assault weapons was effective in reducing the death toll of attacks. Seems like a potential example of a possible shooting. .. But is it?

If a firearm is recovered by law enforcement for criminal use or suspected use, the weapon will be recorded in the database with the date of its first retail sale. The time between these two events is called “time to crime” and is published by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The suspects involved in the Boulder shooting waited only six days, but the national average time to crime is 8.3 years. 2019 statistics From ATF.

This dataset is much more extensive because it contains a variety of crimes and suspicious crimes, but for policy makers looking to stop future mass shootings, this number remains. It is causing a serious problem. Even if the national sales ban is effectively implemented tomorrow, there is still somewhere in between. 15m and 20Circulating m assault rifle from estimates 393m cannon Held in the United States.

The average can be misleading, but the scope here is quite vast. Guns can be recovered within days or decades of purchase. However, keep in mind that only 7% of guns were recovered within 3 months of purchase. There are also big differences between states. In Arizona, 12% of the recovered guns were purchased within three months, while in Connecticut and Arkansas, only 4%.

The fact that these weapons may continue to be used for years to come is not just a hypothesis given the lifespan of offensive weapons.The gun century Or it will further complicate the path to reform in the country with the highest per capita gun ownership in the world.

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