If the iPhone 13 is not repaired by the original factory, the Face ID will not be used


iFixit iPhone 13 Face ID


IFixit just released the iPhone 13 seriesDisassembly reportTo show the internal structure changes, and also found an unexpected bug. Although Apple has separated the Face ID components from the screen, if the iPhone 13 is replaced with a screen, the Face ID on it cannot be used. The iFixit team has also tried various feasible methods, but they all seem to be locked. According to the report, this may be a bug.

Because iFixit quoted a qualified repairer authorized by Apple as saying that the official has actually found the problem and will fix it in future iOS updates. In particular, overseas awareness of the maintenance rights and interests of electronic products is increasing, so Appleā€™s best is just a bug, otherwise it may trigger a new round of condemnation and even attract the attention of consumer rights organizations.