If they stay in their home country, they must give migrants the “hope” that “help is on the way.”

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on Sunday about how President Biden is working on immigration policy in his region. Charged She supervises.

Immigration was an early major issue of the Biden administration, largely due to the influx of immigrants from Central America on the US-Mexico border, and polls to date suggest Americans aren’t excited about how Biden handled this situation. However, Harris sought to clarify some of the White House’s efforts in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, which aired during the latest edition. Trade union status..

Harris says people go to the United States because they are fleeing certain dangers or because they are unable to “meet the basic necessities of life” such as providing enough food and shelter for their families. I explained that I am looking at it. In their home country. “Most people don’t want to leave the house,” she said.

Therefore, her main focus is “giving people the hope that they will get help if they stay.” Harris recently convened several other key leaders of the Biden administration to oversee the trade delegation in the North Triangle, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Agriculture to increase resources to support local farmers, and USAID. Is a disaster response initiative triggered by the devastating hurricane.

“This is the kind of work we have to do,” Harris said, adding that the details of the proposed trip still seem to remain, but preparing to travel to Central America to meet government leaders in the near future. He added that he did. In the work.

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