If this is Idaho’s response to federal lawsuit over abortion ban, we’re in legal trouble

of U.S. Department of Justice litigation To Idaho — first such lawsuit The federal government has filed a lawsuit against the state following the overthrow of Roe v. Wade — which is based on important questions of life and death and justifies how Idaho’s abortion ban will be enforced. I am asking questions.

In essence, the Justice Department lawsuit alleges that Idaho’s trigger law is a violation of the Federal Emergency Medical and Labor Act. rice field.

In the past few weeks, the medical community has Issue These Warnings Against Idaho’s Abortion Ban.

The arguments presented by the DOJ provide valid points for discussion in court.

Unfortunately, Idaho politicians, rather than their own persuasive legal arguments and speculations, are embracing state sovereignty, “federal interference,” and, in the words of Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, It responded to the lawsuit with a giant jumbo claiming it was “politically motivated.” , he said he hopes the Justice Department will just sit down and discuss it first.

On the contrary, it was the reaction of Idaho politicians that appeared to be politically motivated, and the Department of Justice seemed like the adult in the room, informing Idaho that they thought they were breaking the rules. rice field.

Idaho does not have an accurate track record when it comes to this type of litigation.the state is just ordered to pay $320,000 in legal costs For plaintiffs in a lawsuit over yet another bad law passed by a Republican-dominated Congress, this one concerns transgender birth certificates.

Governor Brad Little’s reaction to being sued by the federal government turned out to be ridiculous.

According to Little’s press release, “The U.S. Department of Justice’s interference with Idaho’s life protection laws is yet another example of Biden’s overreach. , continues to ignore issues that really deserve attention.”

In this case, the press release is used to make an empty campaign statement, showing that Little is acting politically motivated.

Meanwhile, Republican Raul Labrador, who was named Attorney General to replace Wasden, had a weak reaction of his own.

“In bringing this lawsuit, the Biden administration seeks to translate the will of the people of Idaho into President Biden’s pro-abortion priorities,” he wrote in a statement.

No, it’s not. First, this is not a voter initiative passed by the citizens of Idaho. Second, the lawsuit seeks to prevent health care providers from being imprisoned by the state of Idaho for providing needed medical care to patients.

If this is Idaho’s best defense to a valid legal argument for Idaho’s extreme abortion ban, we are in trouble.

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