If you refuse the vaccine, you also refuse the hospital bed

Apparently, people who do not want to be vaccinated against COVID feel persecuted for what they consider to be their personal choice. Their idea is, if they are safe from the coronavirus after being jabbed, why should they do so too?

D. Alan Carr

D. Alan Carr

However, to me, anti-bakers seem comfortable with using hospital beds when the COVID itself is seriously affected. This seems to be a kind of hypocrisy. In other words, if you commit, commit to the end.

Walk, baby. If not, you’re just in a half-hearted position – blame drugs that can save you if you’re struck by this, but you suffer from the consequences of your own actions. Accept it when it happens.

If you refuse a jab, you also refuse a hospital bed.

This is one of the reasons why vaccinated people suffer from anti-vaccines. People who refuse the vaccine claim that it’s not anyone’s job, but their job, but whenever there is a COVID-related surge hospital, there seems to be a shortage of beds, and anti-vaccines are those. Many of them are covered.

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As a result, other people in need of medical care are not getting the attention they need. In December, the ICU at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover was over 100% capacity. Maine Governor Janet Mills recently deployed the National Guard in her state to assist overloaded hospital staff.

Most recently, there was a news article about a Massachusetts pizzeria owner dying after being infected with COVID while waiting to be transferred to a hospital where he could receive appropriate treatment. The 68-year-old gentleman was in a hospital in Southbridge, Massachusetts, but when his kidneys began to close, the facility was unable to provide the care he needed.

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His family contacted a hospital within a radius of 75 miles According to USA Today, he tried to find one with available space, but by the time they found a place in Connecticut, he was ill and couldn’t relocate. He died this December.

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The deceased shopkeeper was not vaccinated and, in fact, “did not believe” it. I do not mention this citizen by name. Because it is not essential to this work. The intent is not to ridicule or reduce the poor, but to explain the point.

From time to time, when a person taking a jab tests positive for COVID, I hear anti-vaccers try to point it out as evidence that the vaccine doesn’t work. Of course, they are dishonest and sometimes deliberate. Almost all responsible health professionals will say that the vaccine does not guarantee that it will attract COVID, but it will greatly reduce your chances of dying from it.

I repeatedly asked myself how many anti-boxers had to talk about like-minded people who opposed the vaccine, became ill with the disrespected coronavirus, and expressed regret from the bed of death. At some point last summer, disrespecting himself as “Mr. Anti-Vax” – COVID is concerned that everyone will die after being attacked by COVID.

Florida radio host Marc Bernier himself was hospitalized for three weeks with COVID-19 before his “Mr. Anti-Vax” died last August. Earlier that same month, another 65-year-old Florida host named Dick Farrel, who called Dr. Anthony Fauci a “power trip liar freak,” also died at COVID. But not before sending a text message to a friend and urging them to take a shot he refused.

“He told me this virus wasn’t a joke, and he said,’I wish I had it!'” One of his friends reported after Farrell’s death.

Yet another conservative 65-year-old radio host, Phil Valentine, Tennessee, when Nashville was hospitalized with COVID last summer, he posted on his Facebook page: I have a COVID. Unfortunately, to those who hate it, it looks like I’m trying to get it done. “

A few weeks later, his station issued this statement.

“Phil wants listeners to know that he wasn’t an” anti-vaccine “but regrets not having” more enthusiastic about vaccination. ” Please return to the broadcast. We all hope it will happen soon. “

But Valentine didn’t get that chance. He also died in August of the same month as his Florida colleague.

Caleb Wallace, Texas, died of COVID in the same August and was only 30 years old, leaving behind three children and a pregnant wife. As the founder of a group called the San Angelo Freedom Defender, Wallace organized a rally for masks and missions.

In his honor, Wallace didn’t want to go to the hospital when he got sick – not because he objected to taking a bed from another patient, but according to his wife, he had COVID statistics. I didn’t want to add it to. In fact, he initially refused to be tested, even after showing symptoms. He treated himself by taking vitamin C, aspirin, and the livestock anthelmintic ivermectin.

By the time he went to the hospital, it was too late to do anything for him. He had to use a ventilator and his wife had to start the GoFundMe page to help pay for medical expenses.

Again, all of these deaths occurred in just one month last summer.

By refusing to take shots, a significant portion of the population continues to thrive COVID and its various strains, annoying those who want to tame the coronavirus. Some might argue that these people are just wiping each other out, but that’s not very good.

I recently got a positive test result, but it wasn’t a fun experience. However, I received the vaccine last year and received a booster shot this month after being persistent from my 80-year-old mother.

So it may be worse. At least I don’t add to the burden on overworked local hospitals.

D. Allan Kerr is a resident of Kittery, Maine.

This article was originally published in Portsmouth Herald: Kerr: If you refuse the COVID vaccine, you also refuse the hospital bed