If you unlock the bootloader of Z Fold 3, its camera will be disabled


Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

Mat Smith / Engadget

If you want to unlock the bootloader of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s not just that the warranty expires.according to XDA-Developers Found that when you try to unlock the Bootloader of Z Fold 3, the system will pop up a warning reminding you that doing so will “deactivate the camera and may cause the mobile app to stop functioning normally.” If you do not listen to the warning and insist on running it, not only will the built-in camera app fail to open, even a third-party app will only see a black screen when turning on the camera. In fact, the scope of this impact is not only taking pictures, as long as the functions of the camera are needed-such as face unlocking-will also be invalidated along with it.

Regarding this matter, Samsung’s inquiry to the main site stated that there is currently no information to share, but XDA-Developers mentioned that Samsung has not been very friendly to unlocking the bootloader in the past. In addition to invalidating the warranty, it will also make Samsung Pay impossible. Operation. Of course, camera failure is a far greater problem than the inability to use Samsung Pay, and there is greater resistance to those who want to unlock it. Fortunately, XDA discovered that if the Bootloader is re-locked, the camera will also recover, so this is not a permanent damage.