Ignorance or racist?Florida House Passes Protest Bill As Floyd’s Death Trial Unfolds

At the same time that police officers charged with the murder of George Floyd are being tried, it’s up to the Republicans of Florida to pass a bill against blacks in the House of Representatives.

Ignorance — or totally racist?

Given the facts and history, it is probably the latter.

Instigator Florida’s so-called “anti-riot” bill Governor Ron DeSantis, a lawyer educated at Yale University and Harvard University. And the sponsor is another lawyer, and Miami’s avid Republican representative Juan Fernandez Birkin, in my opinion, volunteered to work to help Desantis with the efforts of his fascists.

Birkin used to be an assistant to the public defender at Palm Beach, but I think he’s now playing for another team.

Miami-Dade District 119, José Fernandez Birkin, said he volunteered to sponsor HB1, a controversial

Miami-Dade District 119 Rep. Jose Fernandez Birkin sponsors HB1, a controversial “anti-riot” bill pushed by Governor Rondesantis to crack down on Black Lives Matter’s protests in Florida following the killing of George Floyd. He said he volunteered to do it.

Given this set of facts (they are said to be wise people), it is difficult to discuss ignorant motives.

They know exactly what they are doing.

The· Controversial measures Racist intent has been in place since DeSantis announced in November that he would crack down on what he called a “riot,” but in reality, Black Lives Matter in Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Most of them were peaceful protests.

Governor Ron DeSantis, whose idol has abdicated, is fascist and has created Florida with a gun.opinion

Burning some Miami police cars, plundering some stores on the Bayside Marketplace, and Statue vandalism at Bayfront Park It was a small number of acts. Similarly, in the other two Florida cities. The law prohibiting criminal activity was already in the book, no matter how and when it was done, so everyone arrested was arrested and charged with crime.

What DeSantis and his Republican supporters are doing at HB1 perpetuates a system of race-based double standards.

When a police officer acts illegally, kills, hurt, or violates civil rights, he is described as a “bad apple” in a good civil servant bushel. But when African-Americans and Latinos protest and some opportunists, or some hotheads in the crowd, do damage, the kneeling reaction is of democratic protesters. It is to break the divine right.

It’s a wrong and racially motivated idea — and that’s all about this bill, restraining black men whether it’s by preventing people from protesting with the threat of arrest. The need, the need to criminalize his actions with Jim Crow Law, makes it difficult for them to vote.

That’s why these lawmakers can’t gather an ounce of sensibility at this bitter moment.

“Violence denies the cause of the protest,” Fernandez Birkin said in the last few seconds of appearing on Sunday’s show.South Florida this weekWith Michael Putney and Glenna Milberg during the bill discussion.

No, it’s not.

The long-standing cause of racial justice in the country, and the fact that police must stop the killing of unarmed blacks, is greater than the actions of a few villains.

fact Fernandez Birkin Using his last precious moment of airtime, he said this speaks volume. He must not feel the same if the Cubans had burned Havana to protest the Castro administration.

Then the applause of delight rattled Miami with the power of the earthquake.

Others deserve the same understanding of their anger.

Derek Chauvin’s trial in Minnesota is a decisive moment. While the jury was seated, legitimate angry protests against Floyd’s murder in Florida and many other African-American bills quickly passed the commission.

it was Passed the full house I’m currently in the Senate on Friday, voting in line with party policy.

Jason Pizzo of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, who chairs the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, said he would not hear the bill. But he also says Republicans are already manipulating ways to avoid him — and they will probably succeed because they comfortably control both chambers.

I asked Fernandez Birkin for comment, but a spokesman said the lawmaker was “fully booked for the next few weeks.”

Yes, Republicans in Florida parliament threaten young people and prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights, as dramatic testimony extends from witnesses to the killing of Floyd and is too young to be photographed. I’m eager to pass a bill that’s just an excuse for protesting.

It is also a bill that prevents people arrested for theft from being released on bail in the event of an emergency in the county where the crime occurred. Here are lawyers who legislate the suspension of constitutional rights through legal proceedings, as if Florida were a Third World country.

Bill for blacks

This shameful page in Florida parliamentary history is of colored races tired and tired of seeing police killing loved ones, exercising excessive force, and most often avoiding it. It’s just a deep-seated prejudice motivated by the fear of anger. time.

If police were killing whites at the same rate — in public and recorded on video — no one would legislate against legitimate anger.

The bill is detrimental and unconstitutional And Racist.