Ikea’s next Sonos speaker desk lamp may have a replaceable shade


Ikea Symphonisk lamp

Ikea Symphonisk lamp

Ikea’s Symfonisk speaker desk lamp can bring you both lighting and audio services at once, and it is relatively low-key in shape and easy to integrate into various home decorations. But what if you think it is too low-key and want to make a little change? Don’t worry, Ikea seems to be preparing a new generation of Symfonisk speaker desk lamps, the main thing is to change the lampshade.

This is a new Symfonisk speaker discovered by Reddit user u/shoicey while visiting the local Ikea mall. In addition to the mall,Product documentation on the Portuguese official websiteCorresponding products also appeared on the Internet, but the latter has been removed. It seems that the new generation of “main body” including WiFi speakers will be priced at 129 Euros (approximately RMB 980), while the cloth lampshade will be 20 Euros (approximately RMB 150) and the glass lampshade will be 30 Euros (approximately RMB 230).

Upon enquiry from the main site, Sonos only said “coming soon”, and Ikea has not yet responded. However, considering that it appeared on Ikea’s official documents, it shouldn’t be too long to publish it.