Ilhan Omar faces a middle-class rival.Open a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives

Washington (AP) — Ilhan Omar MPOne of the left’s biggest stars, the State of Congress.

Another important election is taking place in western Wisconsin, where the Democrats are winning. Congressman Ron Kind His retirement after a 26-year tenure has opened up House seats to Republican-leaning constituencies. Among the candidates running in the Republican primary to replace Kind is a former Navy SEAL who attended the “Stop Theft” rally in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. Riot at the US Capitol.

Minnesota is also holding a special election to fill the rest of the Republican month Congressman Jim Hegedorn ‘s term comes after he died of cancer earlier this year. And voters will choose expiring candidates who represent mostly rural, Republican-leaning constituencies.

Some of the top elections:

Omar faces pro-police challenger

Omar, a supporter of the Defend the Police movement, faces a major Democratic challenge in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district from former Minneapolis City Council members who are campaigning for rising crime. increase.

Don Samuels’ North Minneapolis base has suffered more violent crime than any other part of the city, and moderate Democrats have beaten the poll question calling for the city’s police department to be replaced with a new police force. It was useful for

Omar defended Call for redirecting public safety funds to community-based programs.

Samuels and others also successfully sued the city to force it to meet the minimum police personnel levels required by the Minneapolis charter. Samuels says Omar, who is one of the leading voices of the national progressive movement, is divisive. Incumbent Omar has a sizeable cash edge, but he’s raking in big bucks for his campaign.

Omar, who defeated a similar major challenge two years ago from a better-funded but lesser-known opponent than Samuels, said he expected her to win easily.

Two other members of Progressive squad In Congress, Rep. Rashida Traib of Michigan and Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri won the Democratic primary last week.

Minnesota Special Elections and Primary Elections

Voters in Southern Minnesota’s First Congressional District participate in the two constituencies associated with this seat.

In the special election, voters will choose between Republican Brad Finstad, who worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the Trump administration, and former Hormel Foods CEO and Democrat Jeff Ettinger. Both he won Hagedorn’s seat in the special primary on May 24, Tuesday’s winner will serve until his January.

Finstad and Ettinger are also running in full-term party primaries in districts that include Rochester and Mankato. While Ettinger faces a largely token opposition, Finstad expects a strong challenge from state legislator Jeremy Manson.

Manson is endorsed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Representative Jim Jordan.he said he didn’t think President Joe Biden’s victory was justifiedfederal and state election authorities, courts and Trump’s own Attorney General He said there was no credible evidence that the election was tainted.

Wisconsin: RON KIND replacement

Republicans see an opportunity in Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district to fill the seat vacant for Democratic incumbent Kind.

This district covers a swath of counties along Wisconsin’s western border with Minnesota and includes La Crosse and Eau Claire. Republican Derrick Van Oden is running unopposed in Tuesday’s primary and has Trump’s endorsement.

Van Orden narrowly lost to Kind in the 2020 general election. He attended Trump’s “Stop Theft” rally near the White House, but said he never set foot on the Capitol grounds during the riots.

Four Democrats are vying for Kind’s successor. Among them is his Senator Brad Puff, who worked under a retiring congressman and briefly served as the state’s secretary of agriculture. Pfaff has a Kind endorsement.

Others include small business owner Rebecca Cook, former CIA officer Deb McGrath, and Lacrosse City Councilman Mark Newman.

Rare Vermont Open Senate Seat Spark Heated House Primary

democrat retirement Senator Patrick LeahyThe longest-serving member of the Senate, , paved the way to elect the first-ever female member of Vermont’s congressional delegation.

Rep. Peter Welch, who currently holds the only seat in the House of Representatives in Vermont, is running to replace Leahy. Welch’s succession race largely centered around his two Democratic women.

Welch’s former staffer and centrist Lieutenant Molly Gray, who is backed by Leahy and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, is facing off against Becca Balint, president pro tempore of the state Senate. Balint has the support of progressive leaders, including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Congressman Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The winner will quickly become a front-runner in the November general election, and whether Vermont’s parliamentary politics going forward will be dominated by Leahy’s predominantly centrist views or more progressive values ​​aligned more closely with Sanders. It may determine what is governed by views.


Associated Press writers Doug Glass of Minneapolis, Scott Bauer of Madison, Wisconsin, and Wilson Ring of Montpelier, Vermont contributed to this report.


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