Illegal immigrant suspect dies in custody trying to escape from border guard agent


NS Illegal immigrants A person who is in an “uncontrollable” state and tries to escape Border Texas agents died during detention this week, officials said Friday.

Border guard agents Immigrants According to the US Customs and Border Protection, seven people were detained near the Eagle Pass for nine hours, while others fled.

Dead immigrants, El salvadorWas part of a group of five immigrants detained shortly after the first group. He was handcuffed with two other immigrants.

“The man was reportedly out of control and offended the other two he belonged to,” CBP said.

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When the border guards removed the handcuffs, he was allegedly trying to escape shortly after being caught.

He was restrained behind his back and placed on the hood of a border guard vehicle. The agent then returned the migrants to where the first group was supposed to wait for the transport vehicle.

The Salvadorans remained detained. When the transport vehicle arrived an hour later, he was found to be “unresponsive,” the agency said.

The agent started chest compressions and requested emergency medical services. The Eagle Pass Fire Department responded and the man was declared dead.

Death investigations are ongoing and the agents involved have been relocated until the investigation is conducted. The case arose in criticism of how migrants were detained and the situation in detention facilities.

On Wednesday, CBP announced that it had begun deploying cameras worn by agents and officers in a transparency effort to document allegations of force and illegal activity.

“Providing them with state-of-the-art technology and wearing camera-like tools supports their work and provides greater transparency to the interaction between CBP executives and agents and the general public. We will provide it, “CBP Deputy Commissioner Troy Miller said in a statement.